Beaver Section News
This week the Beavers planted a Sunflower seed - they used biodegradable pots to be eco friendly. We asked them to take a photograph when the flower grows and bring them to Beavers - we will then see whose has grown the tallest. We then played games - in this one the Beavers have to pull on the rope and try and get hold of the skittle.

Mon 12th March

This week the Beavers were planting Sunflower seeds as part of a Section competition to grow the tallest sunflower as well as providing a splash of colour in their garden.
The meetings this week consisted of making a card for Mother's Day. The Beavers were very creative in decorating the cards and adding a suitable greeting for their mothers.
Many thanks to Deborah for coming this week to read us a story "Aliens love Underpants" and then we made a model with springy arms and legs. All the Beavers made a good creation.