Beaver Section News
This week the Beavers were involved in a 'log chew' - this is where we sit down with the Beavers and ask them what they like and dislike about Beavers. Also if they would like to see any changes and they did have some constructive ideas. Following this the Beavers made a Christmas card, or they drew around their hand and then by putting a nose and eyes on it, then it looked like a Reindeer. We are not back at the Ranche until 7th or 9th January - we hope you all have a lovely Christmas.
These being the nearest meetings to St Andrew's Day we gave the meetings a Scottish flavour. The Beavers started by making a "Nessy". To do this they cut a crinkle edged paper plate in half. One half formed the body. They then cut the crinkles off the other half. In shortened form this made the typical neck and head of the Lock Ness Monster. The remainder of the plate was used to form legs. After that refreshments were served consisting of haggis & shortbread washed down with Irn Bru.


This week the Beavers were working on the Space Activity Badge We had four 'stations' for them to visit. The first was to go outside and see if they could see the various constellations, but unfortunately it was too cloudy but they were told in which direction to look. They then came inside and coloured a picture of one of the planets. They then played a picture matching game and lastly we discussed all the different planets - what were the specific differences between each one. The Beavers were very knowledgeable on each planet