Beaver Section News
With this being the week of Valentine Day we decided to make Valentine Cards. The Beavers were given a card with insert, a large heart, four small hearts as well as a small shiny heart. They were given coloured pencils to add any extra decoration they wanted.
This week the two Colonies were doing different things. The Wed Colony were looking and learning about 5 animals / birds that the Lodges are named after. They are animals / birds that could be seen in Longford Park or nearby at Sale or Chorlton Water Parks. This is one of the requirements for the Outdoors Challenge Award.
This week the two Colonies were doing different activities so that they would each "catch up". For the Monday Colony it was working for the Space Activities Badge. The picture shows one aspect of it by looking at the various plants. Other Lodges were outside looking at the heavens, or drawing one of the planets.
This week the Beavers have been outside in the dark with the added bonus for the Wed Colony of having snow on the ground. Each Lodge went out with at least two adults and a map showing the Leaders a suitable route round the park whilst keeping each Lodge away from the other Lodges. Each Lodge was out for about half an hour. It may have only been a walk in the park but I think they all had an enjoyable time. The bonus for the Wed Colony was that they had a chance to throw snowballs.
This week the Beavers were making easy bird feeders. We got the inside tube from a toilet roll and put a piece of strong through it and tied it so that we could hang it on a tree. We then covered the outside of the tube with peanut butter and then rolled them in birdseed. It would be good if any of the Beavers could bring a photograph of their bird feeder being used.