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Beaver Section News

23rd/25th APRIL, 2018

This week we were celebrating St George's Day. The evening was spent playing games that relate to St George. Welcome to the three Beavers who were invested this week Stanley, Iris and Samuel.
Last week we were putting the "out" into Scouting with a Treasure Hunt. There were no prizes involved just the satisfaction of having found the answers to as many of the 14 clues as possible. The Colonies went out in Lodges with at least two adults with each group. The Beavers also wore the relatively new high vis tabards. This made it very easy to keep track of them and where the other groups were. The clues were all visible from a route which went from the Ranche towards the cafe, then out to Longford Avenue, along Cromwell Rd, along Edge Lane, back into the park, to Longford Stadium, along the side of it and then back to the Ranche through the Rose Gardens. I think most of the Lodges were reasonably successful in finding the majority of the answers.
This week the Beavers planted a Sunflower seed - they used biodegradable pots to be eco friendly. We asked them to take a photograph when the flower grows and bring them to Beavers - we will then see whose has grown the tallest. We then played games - in this one the Beavers have to pull on the rope and try and get hold of the skittle.

Mon 12th March

This week the Beavers were planting Sunflower seeds as part of a Section competition to grow the tallest sunflower as well as providing a splash of colour in their garden.