Beaver Section News
Twenty three Beavers and 10 adults spent a night under canvas this last weekend. It was a marvellous introduction to Scout camping with fine, warm weather and a good variety of activities to keep them occupied. They were able to try archery, fire lighting and cooking, grass sledging, pioneering as well as a Camp Fire. A number of badge-work boxes were ticked it is just up to us to get the paperwork updated. A picture taken at the camp fire is included in this item but hopefully by next Monday there will be some more pictures on the Beaver Noticeboard.
On Monday 25th June the Beavers carried out 4 experiments for this badge. One was to get peas to grow, one involved a pendulum, one involved the difference between a sold and a liquid and the most spectacular involved the reaction between two common chemicals in everyday use but not usually together.

Junk Models 20th June

The picture of one Lodge making their Junk Models.

Junk Models 18th June

This week the Beavers were asked to design a model which had motion and then bring the right junk to build it. They certainly have imagination.

Water Games 13th June

Concentration on pouring the water into the bottle