Beaver Section News
Well done to the Beavers who attended - and won - the Beaver section of the Gala

9th/10th May 2017

This week the Beavers were outside and the weather was kind to us. We all went into Longford Park and played on the Disc Golf. An enjoyable evening was had by all.
This week was a catch up week - this is when Beavers who have missed one of the previous meetings - which is important for them to complete because it is part of their badge work. The rest of the Beavers had an enjoyable evening playing very noisy games.
As part of the Adventure Challenge Award the Beavers have to build a den. This week each lodge was taken outside and they had to collect twigs and leaves in order to make a den. Some lodges did better than others, but all made a suitable den and all managed to get inside (again some better than others).