Beaver Section News


This week the Beavers were working on the Space Activity Badge We had four 'stations' for them to visit. The first was to go outside and see if they could see the various constellations, but unfortunately it was too cloudy but they were told in which direction to look. They then came inside and coloured a picture of one of the planets. They then played a picture matching game and lastly we discussed all the different planets - what were the specific differences between each one. The Beavers were very knowledgeable on each planet
This was not what we had originally planned for this evening but unfortunately the person who was going to lead the Space Activity Badge was unavailable. We will put this into our programme in the New Year. In its place we decided to cover a missing item from the Outdoor Challenge Badge, the recognition of five animals or birds found in the area. Each Lodge with a Leader looked at pictures of common birds or animals found in the area and talked about where they could be found and what they might eat.