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Beaver Section News
As it was Shrove Tuesday we decided to let the Beavers decorate pancakes. They were all given a pancake and some fruit (with an option of lemon/sugar) and asked if they could make a face before they ate them. Quite a few took the easy option of lemon and sugar but all enjoyed eating them - no waste this week.
This week the Beavers were read a story called "Stuck" and they were all very well behaved and enjoyed the story. We then cut out a kite and attached string and finally colouring them. Many thanks to Debbie for helping the Group with her story telling.
This is one of those weeks when the Tue and Wed Colonies are doing different things at their meetings in the one week. The contents will be reversed in a few weeks time so that all will have the opportunity to cover both subjects. For the Tue Colony they were playing games and getting the chance to try learning how to tie three knots. Basic Scouting but it is part of My Outdoor Challenge.