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Beaver Section News

This was the last Beaver meeting before the Summer Break and we had a teddy bear's picnic.   All the Beavers were invited to bring a teddy bear and a healthy sandwich.  We started the evening by half of the Beavers playing games and the other half tracking around Longford Park.   Tracking is where a trail has been laid and they have to look for the clues and follow them.  We wish all the Beavers (and leaders) a happy and safe Summer

Eight Beavers - 6 from the Wednesday colony and 2 from the Tuesday Colony attend a District Fun Day at Bradley Wood, near Brighouse in Yorkshire.  The day was spent going to different activities such as the Cresta Run, Low Ropes, water pistols, having a go at Archery, making an indian headdress and a sheriffs badge and many others.  They also played in the woods with Beavers from other Groups.  An enjoyable day was had by all.

The Beavers have enjoyed an evening of water games.   The wetter they were, the more they enjoyed it.  For this game they had to lie on the grass, and then pass the plank of wood - with three full cups of water on the top - along the line.  Needless to say, the cups had to be filled more than once.

Congratulations to Joe and Lachlan on achieving their Chief Scout Bronze badge and to Joe for achieving his Promise badge.  Well done.

The meeting to night was exceptionally busy.  A representative from Trafford Housing Trust and Stretford Community Partnership - the organisations that gave use the grant - came along and officially opened the toilets.  Also present was Dave, who installed the central heating in the Ranche.  The Beavers then celebrated American Independence Day by completing word searches and doing some colouring in.   They also were shown how to make red, white and blue popcorn and they were all able to take a bag home - although it is doubtful if it survived that far without being eaten.  

Esme, Isobel and William were to night invested into the Colony - welcome to them.

These are the Beavers from the Wednesday Colony - ready with their helmets and wellingtons on - ready to go onto the slopes at the Chill Factor.  This group spent the time on the tubes coming down the slope.   The Tuesday Colony also had time on the sledges.  It was good to see many parents staying to watch the children.   An enjoyable night was had by all.