Beaver Section News


This Tuesday the Beavers learnt about how to both to recognise and what to do in various Emergency situations. They then discussed in their Lodges with an adult what they would do in a given situation including how to make a 999 call and what information they would need to give to the operator. They then acted out their incident for the other Beavers. This evening ticked various boxes in their badgework.

Bulb Planting

Last Tuesday the Beavers planted bulbs in various sites arround the Ranche which will we hope add to the colour in the Park. This will only happen if the squirrels leave the bulbs alone. They also planted bulbs in pots to take home.

Bulb Planting

Last Wednesday the Wedensday Colony added to the bulbs planted the day before around the Ranche. They also planted bulbs to take home.

Air Activities Badge

This week the Beavers are starting on this badge. The first stage was to make and decorate a paper plane. This was done from a template that was created for the County Rally to celebrate a Century of Scouting. These were then test flown to see how many could be landed on a runway. They then were given a word search relating to aviation. We finished as we had started with a game. To complete the badge they have to do some research on a plane of their choice and tell the other Beavers about a flight or if they have not flown what they image it would be like. We await the results.

Nine of the Beavers are due to progress to Cubs and this was their last week as Beavers. We hope that they enjoyed Beavers and that they will enjoy their time as Cubs.

Fudge Making

This week both Colonies have been making Fudge without using any heat. The ingredients (icing sugar, cream cheese, cocoa powder, butter and a splash of vanilla) were put into a sealed food bag and after the air had been excluded they were worked together into a thick paste. When they were thoroughly mixed the resulting paste was worked into a ball in a corner  of the bag. This was taken home and put into a fridge. After a night in the fridge the contents could be taken out and presumably eaten.

All the Tuesday night Colony have now been invested. Various badges have been gained and presented to the Beavers. Details can be found in the Newsletter which is due out shortly.