Beaver Section News

10th OCTOBER, 2012

To night we have been looking at various religions and tasting some of their food.   The four religions are Christian, Muslim, Jewish and Hindu.  There were four separate areas and each table had a different activity - on the Hindu table we were looking at the Festival of Light and tasting some Indian sweets. The photograph is of the Squirrel Lodge when they were learning about the Hindu religion.

4th October, 2012

To night Archie was invested into the Beaver Colony.  He remembered his promise very well.

The Beavers were split into two groups.  The first group went upstairs with Rebecca and Ann to discuss the Presentation Evening, which will take place on 24th October.   Each Beaver was given a question to research about Steve Backshall - they will bring the information back in two weeks time, when they will be given thier instructions for the Presentation Evening.  The rest of the Beavers played games and then the two groups split places

26th September, 2012

To night the Beavers have been planting bulbs.   Some of the Beavers started the evening by going outside and planting bulbs outside the Ranche, whilst the rest planted up bulbs in plant pots and then they changed places.      All the Beavers planted a bulb in a pot and these were taken home for them to grow.  They were asked to bring the bulbs back to the meeting on 19th December, 2012, when we will decide whose bulb has grown the best.   There will be a prize for the tallest bulb.  

Blind Taste

Last Night on the 19th Sept the Beavers were challenged to recognise various items of food and drink purely by taste. One Lodge at a time they were blindfolded and given various items of food and drink to taste and to identify what they thought it was. The items were such things as carrot, marshmallow, milk, water and orange. This met with varying degrees of sucess. Whilst each Lodge was tasting the others played games.

Introductory Meeting

On the 12th September the new Beavers and new Helpers met for the first time. The meeting wasa mixture of games and making name badges. The picture shows the Beavers lining up for a relay type game. We found that all the helpers were needed but not all the time.