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Beaver Section News

New Beaver Colony

The New Beaver Colony started on the 14th May. We had a starting number of 12 with some who were expected not coming. So we will see how many come next week. It looks like we will have good parent support which will be needed and gratefully acepted.

We started with a games programme which introduced them to a number of traditional Scouting games that Longford have played over many, many years some of them even to when I was a Cub in Longford (Beavers had not been invented in those days).

We hope that the youngsters enjoyed themselves and will be back next week.

The Beavers started the meeting by playing games.  They were then given a 'jointed' St George (as can be seen on the photograph) for them to colour in.  We then played a game of skittle football, which they all enjoyed.

Many of the Beavers were presented with badges they had achieved for Fitness, Experiment and Creativity.    Well done to them all.


Last Saturday 10 Beavers visted the County Camporee held at Bisham Hall, Wigan, Scout Camp Site. We left Stretford in sunshine but as we neared Wigan the sky clouded over and soon after arriving at the camp site the rain started. Not only did it rain but it was cold and windy as well. Our base for the day was in an open sided barn where we left our bags. It kept the rain off but there was no shelter from the wind. We split into two groups and started to try some of the activities on offer such as icing biscuits, archery and shooting yellow ping pong balls off their stand using water pistols. There was also a display of birds of prey and the Beavers asked lots of questions. After lunch provided by the District on their camp site we tried more activities. By this time the rain at least had stopped even it was still cold in the wind. Some of the birds of prey were flowen and displayed their skills and speed in swooping down from trees to snatch pieces of flood.  One also flew from its perch to land on the gloved hand of some of the onlookers. Two other activities which were better tried in the dry rather than in the rain were the inflatable slide and  the inflatable obstacle course.

Highland Games 1st May

Last night the "Scottish Fathers" organised a Highland Games evening. There was Welly throwing, Putting the turnip, tossing the caber and crossing the river. Each Lodge started on each base. After approx 10 mins a whistle was blown and each Lodge moved onto the next activity. When each Lodge had done each event the evening finished with a Tug of War. The Lodge with the highest points paired with the Lodge with the least points and they took on the other two Lodges in a best of three pulls. A fine evening contributed to a very enjoyable evening. Thanks to the "Scottish Fathers" including the piper for the evening.



To night the Beavers learnt about St George - Ann read them a story all about St Geoge and then the Beavers  completed a wordsearch and a maze.