Beaver Section News

The meeting to night was exceptionally busy.  A representative from Trafford Housing Trust and Stretford Community Partnership - the organisations that gave use the grant - came along and officially opened the toilets.  Also present was Dave, who installed the central heating in the Ranche.  The Beavers then celebrated American Independence Day by completing word searches and doing some colouring in.   They also were shown how to make red, white and blue popcorn and they were all able to take a bag home - although it is doubtful if it survived that far without being eaten.  

Esme, Isobel and William were to night invested into the Colony - welcome to them.

These are the Beavers from the Wednesday Colony - ready with their helmets and wellingtons on - ready to go onto the slopes at the Chill Factor.  This group spent the time on the tubes coming down the slope.   The Tuesday Colony also had time on the sledges.  It was good to see many parents staying to watch the children.   An enjoyable night was had by all.  

This week on Tuesday 18th June the Tuesday Colony were doing the Experiment Activity Badge. Peter was leading them in rocket science, Alan was dealing with the principals of the jet engine and Lindsey was splitting a colour into its component parts using blotting paper and water. Whilst all this exciting stuff was going on I was running games for half of the Colony before we swapped over.

On Wednesday 19th June helf the Wednesday Colony were at Pets at Home petting anything from a rabbit to a snake and hopefully getting information to enable those with pets or access to a pet to gain the Animal Friend Badge. The other half having been to Pets at Home last week were busy putting up tents back at the Ranche.


This week both of the Colonies have been doing the same things. In the case of each Colony half met at "Pets at Home" in Urmston where they had the chance to see or stroke various of the pets in the store ranging from rabbits, hampsters, guinea pigs to those that were definately "see only" with various fishes to snakes. Some of the fish were small but still had to be kept in individual tanks or they would attack each other. I am not sure I would want something like that as a pet. We also learnt about the food that each ate and how they should be housed. Meanwhile back at the Ranche the other members of the Colonies were pitching tents and playing games. In the case ofthe Tuesday Colony they also carried on with their Healthy Eating Project. 

Next week the Tuesday Colony will be doing the Experiment Badge and playing games whilst the Wed Colony will reverse roles and either meet animals or pitch tents.

To night Joseph's mum - who is a Manchester Guide - took us a walk around Longford Park pointing out the things of interest.   She told us that the Scout Hut was originally called the Shippon - where the cows were kept.

She also showed us a stone outside which was used to get on horses - the houses where the Gardeners lived and the remains of Longford Hall.    She explained that John Rylands - a cotton merchant - originally lived in the house 

and Longford Park was his garden.   An interesting evening - thank you.