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Beaver Section News

To night we made Easter cards in the shape of a chicken.   Many of the Beavers received their creative challenge badge and two received their friendship badge.


To night we also said good bye to Jonny, who will be joining the cub section after the Easter holidays.   We wish him every success in Cubs and hope he goes on to achieve many badges and make many new friends. 

Swimming Gala

The District Swimming Gala at Stretford Sports Centre was held last night, the 9th March. The time spent at the baths two weeks ago paid off well with the team of 6 ( Lachlan, Josh, Leo, Joe B, Harrison and Robert) combining to win the Beaver Trophy by a substantial margin over the other Colonies in Stretford District. Well Done Beavers. Although the Cubs and Scouts did not manage to win their respective Sections they did manage to win sufficient points together with the points won by the Beavers to take both Group Trophies.

After starting the meeting with games we made a present for mums for Mothering Sunday.  Lorraine was very creative and made a unique gift.

Good luck to the Beavers and the rest of the Group for the Swimming  Gala,  this coming Saturday

Jonny's mum - who is an anaesthetist - came to talk to the Beavers about her job.  Sandy dressed in the clothes that she would use in the operating theatre and she then explained the various ways of administering an anaesthetic. The heart rate of one of the Beavers was taken and then 

he ran around the room and this showed how his heart rate had increased with exercise.  The beavers were then shown how to use a stethoscope and were able to listen to each other's heart beat.    The Beavers were exceptionally well behaved and enjoyed learning new things.

Many thanks to Jonny's mum for coming along to show us aspects of her job.  

Joe (a member of the Cubs) and his mum Sarah came along to night to show the Beavers how to spin a plate and use a hoola hoop.  Whilst two lodges were learning these skills, the other 2 lodges went upstairs to learn about healthy eating.   They were given a pile of pictures which depicted different foods and they had to decide which was healthy and which was unhealthy.   They were all very knowledgeable on which was healthy and which was not.    They then had to make a poster showing how much of each food should be on a plate.  This is part of the healthy eating badge.