Beaver Section News

To night the Beavers gave a presentation about Steve Bagshaw to their parents.  The Beavers gave an exceptional performance and all remembered their part.    It was good to see so many parents turn up to support

their children.   The Beavers were all presented with a certificate showing their achievements during the past year.  The evening was rounded off with tea and biscuits. 

17th OCTOBER 2012

To night the Beavers have been practicing for the Presentation Evening which is being held on Wednesday

24th October, 2012, when all parents have been invited for the presentation of a certificate for the activities 

that have been carried out over the last 12 months.


We look forward to seeing many parents attending

New Toilets

Saturday 13th work started on the new toilets at the Ranche. We started off by ripping out the old toilets that had resided in the Ranche for over 25 years, this has now left an empty shell ready for the builders.

The money to carry this out has been donated by Trafford Housing trust and will help make our facilities a better environment for the young people in the group

Thanks to Pete M., Alan, Nick, Fish, Mr Anderson & Mr Sterlini.

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10th OCTOBER, 2012

To night we have been looking at various religions and tasting some of their food.   The four religions are Christian, Muslim, Jewish and Hindu.  There were four separate areas and each table had a different activity - on the Hindu table we were looking at the Festival of Light and tasting some Indian sweets. The photograph is of the Squirrel Lodge when they were learning about the Hindu religion.

4th October, 2012

To night Archie was invested into the Beaver Colony.  He remembered his promise very well.

The Beavers were split into two groups.  The first group went upstairs with Rebecca and Ann to discuss the Presentation Evening, which will take place on 24th October.   Each Beaver was given a question to research about Steve Backshall - they will bring the information back in two weeks time, when they will be given thier instructions for the Presentation Evening.  The rest of the Beavers played games and then the two groups split places