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Beaver Section News

To night the Beavers were asked to bring along a Christmas present, to show the other Beavers.  Unfortunately only 3 Beavers remembered, but they brought a remote controlled car, a Star Wars sticker book and a Cub Annual (ready for when he goes into Cubs).  We then asked the rest of the group to tell us what they had received - the Ipad torch being very popular.

Next week we are making a collage to be sent to Trafford Housing Trust to thank them for the grant we received to carry out improvements in the Ranche, so we had a photograph taken in readiness.  

To night was our last meeting  before Christmas - so we made a Christmas card that the Beaver could give to parents or grandparents. 

They had to stick a picture onto a card with foam pads and then add a Christmas greeting, they then had to colour the words in the centre of the card.  

We also played a couple of games of ice hockey and curling.  In each game a block of ice was used and the Beavers thoroughly enjoyed these games.

Best wishes for Christmas and the New Year from all the Beavers, Leaders and Helpers.  

To night the Beavers boarded the mini bus and we travelled to Antz in your Pantz in Timperley for the Beaver District Party.

The Beavers played on the equipment for an hour and a half and then sat down for their party.  There was plenty of food including pizza, sausages, sandwiches, ice cream and drinks.   They were all given a cracker.  Just before we left at 8.30, Father Christmas arrived and gave each Beaver a goody bag.  They were also given a balloon as they left - unfortunately some were popped even before they reached the mini bus. A good time was had by all and I am sure they slept well after so much running around. 

To night the Beavers have all made a Yule Log.  A lodge at a time, they had to cover a small swiss roll in butter icing and then make it look like the bark of a tree.  They then decorated it with edible an edible tree, berries and leaves.  Many thanks to Marie (Charlie's grandma) for making the edible decorations.   The rest of the Beavers played games.








Night Hike Picture

A picture taken of some of the Beavers in the Ranche as they are being briefed about the Night Hike.