Beaver Section News

To night the Beavers played Halloween games.   Each lodge took it in turns to try and eat a doughnut, which was hanging on a string without using their hands.   The next thing they did was try to wrap each other up as a mummy.  They also tried to eat chocolate using a knife and fork and lastly they had to find a spider in a bowl of worms using chopsticks.  Whilst waiting for their turn, they were able to do some colouring.   Some of the Beavers came in fancy dress as can be seen on the photograph - well done to those to took part.   

The Wed Colony did much the same things as the Tue night Beavers except my pictures on Wed did not come out very well so I am sorry but there is no picture to go with this item. Again there were some interesting things created with the remaining junk from Tues as well as with the fresh stuff that arrived on Wed. I think even more masking tape was used on Wed compared to Tue. It was just as well that we had some fresh supplies. The result of all this activity is that more people have passed part of their Creative Challenge badge. The left over junk made a one way trip on Thursday morning to Stretford tip. Whatever that was sorted into recycleable items was recycled.

There are a large numbers of coats being left at the Ranche including two jerseys with St John's School logo on. Please check whether any of the coats etc are yours and take them home. Please also make sure that all items have a name on so that we know who anything left belongs to.


 The Beavers brought boxes and bags of junk to the start of last night's Meeting. After they had played a game of Playing Card Relay the Beavers proceeded to transform the junk into models which displayed their vivid imagination. It is amazing what piles of boxes and tubes etc can be made into with the addition of a little (or lots) of masking tape. This will pass them part of their Creative Challenge Badge.

Next week the meeting will have a Halloween theme. If the Beavers wish to come in appropriate fancy dress then they can but it is not vital they can just come as usual.

For a change from playing electronic games or watching TV the Beavers were given the chance to play the games that families would have played before the TV era. The four Lodges each started with one game (Ludo, Snakes & Ladders, Dominoes and Beetle Drive) after about 12 minutes they moved on to another game so in the course of the usual meeting time they tried four different games. From the excited chatter it appeared to have been an enjoyable meeting. 

This week the Beavers played games.  Each lodge were allocated a game of either Snakes & Ladders, Ludo, dominoes or beetle drive.   They played the game allocated to them for 10 minutes and then they

moved onto the next game for another 10 minutes.   Well done to all the Beavers who won a game.