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Night Hike Picture

A picture taken of some of the Beavers in the Ranche as they are being briefed about the Night Hike.

To night the Beavers went on a Night Hike around Longford Park.   Each Lodge was given a cane and they had to keep hold this at all times. Before they left the Ranche they were given a piece of paper with some braille writing and a date - during the walk they had to see if they could find these items.  All the leaders were wearing hats and they were asked to observe if anybody changed hats during the walk.   We left the Ranche and headed towards the playground.  They had to walk along boulders - making sure that they worked as team and kept hold of the cane at all times.  They then had to go through 3 tunnels - again holding the cane.  We then walked back through the park to an enclosed area where they had to find 3 carved animals.  It was at this time they would find  pictures of birds, with their names in braille underneath - they had to come back and tell the leader the names of the birds that were written in Braille.  The next task was to find the date - 1888 - and this we found on a blue plaque, which was on the remains of Longford Hall.    We then walked back to the Ranche and each Beavers was given a 'water bomb', which they had to through into a bowl.    The Beavers were very well behaved and enjoyed their Night Hike.


















headed for the 

To night the Beavers behaviour was excellent.  They sat and listened to a story about Tyrannasaurus Drip, which was read to them by Deborah.  After the story they made a cut out dinosaur and also had the chance to complete a wordsearch.  

As part of the Global Challenge, the Beavers have to be able to say a greeting in another language and several were able to do this.  The greetings were very impressive and ranged from Wales to Japan.  Well done to all of you.


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Bonfire Night

Remember remember the fifth of November, Gunpowder, treason and plot. I see no reason why gunpowder, treason, Should ever be forgot...

We deffinately didnt forget on Monday 5th with over 150 people attending the bonfire night at the Ranche. It was a good evening spent enjoying the fireworks and celebrating bonfire night with a bang, all topped off with a BBQ!! With a fantastic offering of cakes, tea coffee and tuck the evening helped raise some much needed funds for our Scout Group.

It was a fantastic evening with a great turnout, with parents, siblings, families  and a big thanks to all that helped out and made the evening a success!


To night the Beavers gave a presentation about Steve Bagshaw to their parents.  The Beavers gave an exceptional performance and all remembered their part.    It was good to see so many parents turn up to support

their children.   The Beavers were all presented with a certificate showing their achievements during the past year.  The evening was rounded off with tea and biscuits.