Beaver Section News
This week the Wednesday Beavers were learning how to tie certain knots. These were a reef knot and a sheetbend knot - they all did very well in tying the knots.
This week was another when the Colonies did different activities. The Wed Colony had done the story and Make & Take a month ago now it was the turn of the Tue Colony to hear a story and to follow that up making something relating to the story. In this case it was a kite. Even the "Thought" at the end of the meeting involved a kite. As can be seen from the picture the Beavers listened intently to the story. Thank you Deborah for running the activity.
The week the Beavers were meeting a member of the community and we were pleased to have Tracey and Andrew who are Geneticists at a Manchester Hospital They explained to the Beavers their job and how they worked with DNA. They then had four tables set up and the Beavers moved round the room. These tables showed the different colours of DNA. Table one was Lego and they enjoyed making robots, then a table where they made a bracelet again with the colours representing DNA, a table with a 'jigsaw' again with DNA colours. The final table was to design a logo for the hospital. Many thanks to Tracey and Andrew for a most enjoyable evening