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Beaver Section News
Once again we welcomed Deborah to read a story to the Beavers. Once the story was over then it was a time to make a creature from the story. The Beavers' creative juices were working to the full with their creations. I am sorry that there are no pictures to show off their work. This week was one when the two Colonies were doing different programmes but they will catch up with each other by the end of February.

22nd/24th JANUARY 2018

This week the Beavers were working towards their International Badge. They were first taught how to say "hello" in 4 different languages - we then played a game where each corner of the room was a different language and they had to run to the corner of the room with the allocated name. We then divided into 3 different groups - the first group were tasting fruit from various locations of the world and they had to identify which country it came from. At the next section they had to sit in pairs back to back. One Beaver had a picture of a flag and the other Beaver had to take instructions from the first Beaver and then draw the flag. At the third table they played a quiz about Beavers in other Countries.
This week we were thinking about the birds and have they get their food in the winter. We made some bird feeders to put in our gardens. The Beavers enjoyed mixing the bird seed and lard and putting them into small tubs. Many thanks to Donna for helping us with this task.
The numbers this week were a lot less than usual but those who turned up made an orange pomander. They were each given an orange and they had to make a pattern of cloves and then attach a ribbon. We said goodbye to several Beavers this week and we wish them every success in the Cub Section
This week being Halloween the Beavers were invited to come in fancy dress. When they first arrived they went into their 'lodges' and were given a toilet roll to mummify one of the Beavers. Well done to Squirrel Lodge for doing exceptionally well. They then visited three other sections - one to decorate a biscuit with marshmallows etc. We then had donuts hanging from a line and they had to try and eat one without using their hands. The last item was a large bowl of flour, which contained sweets and they had to retrieve them - again without using their hands.