Beaver Section News

21st & 23rd May 2018

This week was an outdoor games night and the weather was really kind to us. We had games and the Beavers visited each one - they were Tag, French Cricket, Hide and Seek and Dodge Ball.

14th & 16th MAY 2018

This week we continued to work towards the Health & Fitness Activity Badge. We talked to the Beavers about the difference between healthy sugar - as in fruit - and the unhealthy sugar as in cakes and biscuits. They then we asked to make a poster showing the different types food and which sugar they contained. We then gave them skewers to make a fruit kebab.
The Beavers this week was an evening of Games. The meeting on Wednesday was very noisy but the Beavers enjoyed all the games.
The Beavers this week were learning how to take their own pulse and how it varied during exercise. They first found their pulse and counted the beats for 30 seconds. They then did various activities - walking, hula hooping, egg and spoon race and finally a run around the field. After each activity their took their pulse and recorded the difference between each activity. Well done to Stanley, Harry and Wilfred for remembering their promise and being invested into the Beaver Colony.