Beaver Section News
We ran an extra meeting on Wed 7th Nov for those who went on the District Camp in September but did not attend the extra meeting in October. This was to cover items that completed this badge but which were not covered at the camp. This included knowing how to tie a reef knot, completing a mini pioneering project, and an introduction to the idea of a Camp Fire Blanket. The picture shows some of those who attended busy with the pioneering project using marshmallows and spaghetti.
We ran an extra meeting for those who went on the District Camp. They had covered a lot of this badge but various bits needed to be finished off. This was the purpose of this extra meeting . It was successful as the eleven who attended from both Colonies completed the badge. One of the things covered was making a mini pioneering project. This involved building using mini marshmallows and spaghetti. The result was tested to survive a min earthquake.
This week the Beavers made Rocky Road. The leaders melted the chocolate, butter and syrup and added the marshmallows. The Beavers were then given a bag containing biscuits, which they had to break into small pieces - they had great fun doing this activity. The biscuits were added to the other ingredients and the result spooned into paper cups. They all took home a piece of Rocky Road which should be put in the fridge to set, but I suspect many did not make it home !