Beaver Section News
Tonight the Monday Colony continued the tradition of planting bulbs. Some were planted in the grassed area between The Ranche and the Long Barn other were planted in pots to take home and watch develop.

Games Mon 3rd Sept

We started the new Scouting year as usual with a games night.The game illustrated is "Triangular Tug of War" with a Beaver at each end of the triangle trying to grab a cone behind them whilst the other two Beavers are trying to grab theirs. Not all the schools have started back, particularly on the Monday, so not all the Beavers attended. I hope that by this coming week we will be back to the usual level of attendance. The plan for next week is to continue with out programme of planting bulbs though sometimes I feel we are just feeding the squirrels.

9th & 11th JULY 2018

This week we were working towards the Pets at Home badge. Donna very kindly came in and spoke to the children about how to care for animals. They then had to complete some questions and draw a picture of their pet. To complete this badge the Beavers have to look after an animal for 6 weeks and make a journal of the things they have to do. Many thanks to Donna for her help.
This week we celebrated American Independence Day. Two lodges played American baseball outside and then they came into the Ranche and had 3 different stations for an activity. One table was a wordsearch, the second was to colour in the American Flag and then on the third table they had to read a description of a place in America and match it with the appropriate photograph