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Beaver Section News

The Beavers went out in their Lodges, with at least 2 adults to each Lodge, into the park. They each went different ways and all managed to find their way back to the Ranche at more or less the same time. They did not report having seen any wild life, probably because they were making too much noise. At least they appeared to have enjoyed being out in the dark with their torches.

This week we were teaching the Beavers about the Green Cross Code.   They were first told the rules of the road and then we played games to enact some of the scenarios we had been discussing.  For one of the games the Beavers were given parts of a sentence appertaining to the Green Cross Code and they had to put the words together to make a sentence.   A good night, enjoyed by all

This week was a make and take "catapult".   The Beavers were given 8 lolly sticks and they had to put an elastic band at each end.   They then had to stick a bottle top to the end of another lolly stick - then get another lolly stick and put it around one end.  This was then placed over the 8 lolly sticks and they fired a small pom pom.  They had great fun seeing who could "fire" their pom pom the farest.  Many thanks to Andrew for his help in this activity.  Well done to all the Beavers who achieved their aircraft badge this week, for the activity done last week.