Beaver Section News

Junk Models 20th June

The picture of one Lodge making their Junk Models.

Junk Models 18th June

This week the Beavers were asked to design a model which had motion and then bring the right junk to build it. They certainly have imagination.

Water Games 13th June

Concentration on pouring the water into the bottle

Water Games 13th June

This week we took advantage of the forecast of fine warm weather to bring forward the programmed Water Games. We started off with Russian Roulette where a number of cups of water are passed round the circle of Beavers. When a Leader calls "Stop" anyone holding a cup of water pours it over the person on their right. After that the games involved various ways of transporting water into containers at their Lodge. Some involved a greater risk of getting wet than others. I think the two nights were a success as on both nights only one Beaver from each Colony was missing.