Beaver Section News
This week was slightly different in that each Colony was making something different. The Tue Colony were making a Christmas decoration using a pine cone as the base. This was then decorated using "jewels", colour pipe cleaners etc

St Andrew's Day fell on the Wed this year so we decided to commemorate this. Donna ran both meetings. After some talk about the day and Scotland it was time to make a Nessy. See the picture for what the Tue Colony made.  

This week the Beavers had a night of playing games.    I am sure they all slept well after all the running around they did.   An enjoyable night

The Beavers went out in their Lodges, with at least 2 adults to each Lodge, into the park. They each went different ways and all managed to find their way back to the Ranche at more or less the same time. They did not report having seen any wild life, probably because they were making too much noise. At least they appeared to have enjoyed being out in the dark with their torches.