Beaver Section News

This week the Beavers were working to achieve their Air Activities Badge.  They were split into two groups - one group stayed downstairs and made paper planes  - these were then flown to see which one went the farest.   The other group were shown pictures of different planes which they had to identify.  They then talked about where they had travelled by plane and they certainly had been to all different Countries.  

This week the Beavers were taken on a Nature Trail around Longford Park. They had to find the A - Z of nature, also there were 10 hidden discs and these had questions, which they had to answer. The weather was kind to us and the Beavers did really well, but it was the Magpie Lodge who found the most items. Well done. Also well done to Laura on achieving her Cyclist badge. All the Beavers were given the criteria for a badge they said they would like to achieve.
This week the Beavers made Non cook Fudge - they were all given a polythene bag and then icing sugar, butter, cream cheese and cocoa which they had to mould until all the ingredients were amalgamated. These were then taken home and hopefully will be edible fudge by this morning. The Beavers were also asked which badges they would like to achieve - next week they will be given the criteria for one of their choice. Well done to Sebastian on achieving his Explorers badge.