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Beaver Section News
This week was our Easter Make & Take. All the Beavers were given a pre cut Easter Basket which they had to glue together. Some had a few dexterity problems, but in the end everybody took home a basket complete with 6 mini eggs. This week we said goodbye to Vincent who is moving to Cubs after the Easter holiday - good luck
This week the Wednesday Beavers were learning how to tie certain knots. These were a reef knot and a sheetbend knot - they all did very well in tying the knots.
This week was another when the Colonies did different activities. The Wed Colony had done the story and Make & Take a month ago now it was the turn of the Tue Colony to hear a story and to follow that up making something relating to the story. In this case it was a kite. Even the "Thought" at the end of the meeting involved a kite. As can be seen from the picture the Beavers listened intently to the story. Thank you Deborah for running the activity.