Beaver Section News
This week we had a visit from one of the volunteers from the Stretford Food Bank. She explained to the Beavers about the people who attend and how they have to be referred to them to get access to the food. She also explained what sort of foods they would like to be donated. Each Beaver was asked to bring an item of food next week, which will be donated to the food bank. Following this the Beavers were given a 'spot the difference' sheet and on the back of the sheet was a reminder of the items that can be donated.
Over the Weekend the Beavers spent one night inside and one night in a tent. They also took part in various activities which will help them with the various Challenge Badges as well as, hopefully, enjoying themselves. The weather no doubt helped with a fine and relatively warm weekend. It was a Group Camp with Cubs, Scouts, Explorers and a number of parents working and playing together.
This week was another problem solving programme. Four separate stations were set up and the Beavers had to go to each one and try and solve the problem. In the photograph they are moving a cup from one side of the beam to the other using canes.
This week the Beavers had to draw something that they would like to invent - they were given no instructions it was particularly down to their imagination. This is part of their My Skills Challenge badge.