Beaver Section News
For the first meeting after Christmas things were a little different. The Group had arranged for the Beavers, Cubs and Scouts to have a joint meeting at Play Factore on the Wed night. For those who had chosen not to go there we had a joint meeting at the Ranche with a games evening. Again this was different in that it gave members of both Colonies a chance to meet each other though I am sure that some of them know each other from school.
This was out last meeting before Christmas and we played a game of Reindeer Drive - this is the same as a Beetle Drive but with a seasonal twist. Each lodge played and the Beaver with the highest score won a prize.
This week was Christmas Make & Take and the Wednesday Beavers were asked to bring the tube from a toilet roll. They then drew some bricks on a sheet of paper and then attached this to the roll to represent a chimney They then cut Santa's legs and boots and put this in the top to represent him going down the chimney. They then attached a piece of string so that the decoration could be hung on the Christmas Tree.
This week was slightly different in that each Colony was making something different. The Tue Colony were making a Christmas decoration using a pine cone as the base. This was then decorated using "jewels", colour pipe cleaners etc

St Andrew's Day fell on the Wed this year so we decided to commemorate this. Donna ran both meetings. After some talk about the day and Scotland it was time to make a Nessy. See the picture for what the Tue Colony made.