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Beaver Section News
This week the theme of the meeting was dealing with emergencies. The Beavers were in their lodges with an adult and they discussed the various scenarios of how to cope in an emergency. Discussions took place regarding how to contact emergency services and when it was appropriate. Resuscitation, reassurances and how to deal with a bleed were also discussed. Many thanks to Donna for all her work this week. Each Beaver was given a badge celebrating 30 years of Beavers, which is to be on their uniform for 12 months.
As the weather was nice we started the evening by playing a game outside. As this month is the cup final, we made rosettes out of crepe paper. Some of the Beavers were more challenged than others, but they all did very well. Congratulations to Eva, Vincent and Verity for remembering their promise and being invested into the Group. Also well done to Vincent and Arthur on achieving a badge for exploring and cyclist.
Usually we celebrate St Georges Day (23rd April) by having a district event - but this year it was decided that each Group would do their own activity. It was agreed that the Beavers would renew their promise and so they were all given a copy of the Promise for them to colour in. Well done to Hayden and Arthur on achieving a badge. We rounded off the evening by playing games.