Beaver Section News
This week was games night - the Beavers played various games and it was a very noisy evening. In this photograph (sorry not the best) they had to collect a disc from the centre and place it in their bowl. When they had gone they had to 'steal' one from another bowl. The winning lodge had to have 3 discs in their bowl.
The game being played in the picture is called Triangular Tug of War. There are 3 players of equal size holding onto a circle of rope equidistant from each other and from a skittle at the rear of each. On the instruction of "Go" they have each to try and grab their skittle.
This is one picture to show those on camp.
The Beavers had an amazing time at the 30th anniversary camp at Middlewood. After arriving early on Saturday morning we were straight off with some games and then a welcome address from the organisers to the 500 Beavers attending. During the morning we played fairground games like whack a rat, threw balls at the coconut shy and tested our archery skills. In the afternoon we zoomed around on the fairground rides which included a carousel and spinning tea cups (not recommended following a lunch of hotdog and ice cream, plus numerous visits to the tuck shop!). After that we enjoyed inflatable slides, assault courses and circus skills. In the evening we played some wide games in the woods and devoured BBQ for dinner. We went to the impressively large campfire and sang some songs before drinking hot chocolate for supper. By 10pm leaders and Beavers alike were exhausted and the Beavers settled down quickly in their tents for their first ever night under canvas. A late night didn't dent their enthusiasm and they were awake at 5:30am. Some Beavers stayed at the campsite to make circus crafts while the rest of the Colony went into the woods to play "Capture the Flag". One team hid their flag so well that even they couldn't find it! As the morning wore on we took down the tents and took part in a parade with all the other Beavers, waving our Stretford banner. There was a picnic lunch and lots more running around on the field and in the woods, before the coaches picked us up mid-afternoon. It was a great weekend for all the Beavers and one that we hope they will remember for a long time.