Beaver Section News

Tue & Wed 24/25th May

The plan was that each Lodge would have time doing some bouldering on our set up whilst the rest played games. Tue went according to plan but there was a terrible turn out on the Wed with only 8 Beavers turning up. The 8 spent longer on the activity before we had a games session for them. Bouldering forms part of the My Adventure Challenge. We now have a week off so that the adults can have a holiday. We restart on Tue / Wed 7th/8th June with the Experiment Activity Badge.
This week the Beavers were asked to bring in some empty boxes, egg boxes etc to make junk models, but this was different to what we have in the past. Zoi came to talk to the Beavers about their community. Each lodge was given a large sheet of paper and asked to draw buildings in the Community. Once completed they had to use the 'junk' they had brought in and made a model of one of the buildings. They all did exceptionally well. This week we said good bye to Austin, Ellie, Isaac and Joseph - we wish them well as they go into Cubs. This week Cara, Vincent and Daisy were invested into the Group, having learnt and understood their Beaver Promise.
This week the theme of the meeting was dealing with emergencies. The Beavers were in their lodges with an adult and they discussed the various scenarios of how to cope in an emergency. Discussions took place regarding how to contact emergency services and when it was appropriate. Resuscitation, reassurances and how to deal with a bleed were also discussed. Many thanks to Donna for all her work this week. Each Beaver was given a badge celebrating 30 years of Beavers, which is to be on their uniform for 12 months.