Beaver Section News
This week the Beavers were divided into pairs (or 3's), they were given a poem to read and then they had to decide which one of them would act out what the other Beaver was ready. They all did exceptionally well and the reading was excellent. Sorry the photograph is a bit blurred.
This week the Beavers were asked to bring in some 'junk' - cardboard boxes, egg boxes, milk bottles, etc and they were then asked to make a model of some form of transport. Some of their ideas were very imaginative.
The week the Beavers were trying some of games used at the Highland Games. We were very lucky with the weather on Tuesday but on Wednesday the heavens open and we were thankful of the tree cover just outside the Ranche and we were able to go ahead The Beavers had three stations to go to - first was the "Wellie Wanging" - they had to throw a wellington boot as far as they could. Next time the had to cross "Loch Ness" to avoid the monster. They were given 4 crates and they had to devise how to get the whole lodge across without going in to the water. Next was the Shot Putt and then Tossing the Caber. After all this activity they were they treated to some Scottish Fayre - shortbread biscuits and a drink of Irn Bru. A most enjoyable evening.
This week we have been trying to brighten up our part of Longford Park by planting crocus bulbs. The Beavers also planted dwarf daffodil bulbs in pots to take home and watch grow eventually and hopefully flower.
This week we met out at Turn Moss Car Park so that we could do the ride part of the Cyclist Activity Badge. In spite of a not very promising weather forecast we did not have too bad weather either evening. It was a bit wet and muddy on the ground so both riders and bikes were in need of a wash after the ride but I think everyone enjoyed the activity. There are a number of tracks which give some variety of routes. Thank you to the parents who came along for the ride and helped keep the Beavers on track. Badges will be presented shortly to those who have completed both the ride and the safety side theory. Sorry no pictures I was not able to cycle and take pictures.