Beaver Section News
The Beavers were asked to bring buttons, old jewellery, feathers etc to make a brooch for Mother's Day. They all worked very hard and produced some nice items. Well done to Joshua on achieving three badges. Tonight we said goodbye to Ellie, Matthew and Annie, who all start Cubs next week - we wish them well.
The programme for this week was log chew and games. This is part of their badge work - they were put into their lodges and then we asked them a series of questions to get their opinion on the Beaver Colony. They were asked questions - what did they like or dislike about Beavers, what different things they would like to do. Also their opinion on the District activities. Some of their answers were surprising.

9th/10th February 2016

Many thanks to Lindsey this week for all the hard work in organising foreign food for the Beavers to taste. Four stations were set up and the Beavers visited each one. They were all given a list of the foods and a map. As they visited each station they were invited to taste some of the food (some were more adventurous than others) and then draw a smiley or a sad face, depending on whether they liked the food or not. They also had to decide which Country the food came from and mark it on the map. Well done to Clarence and Moya on receiving their 12 months badge.