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Beaver Section News
The theme this week was Easter - so we made some chocolate nests made out of shredded wheat and chocolate. These were put into a muffin case and shaped to look like a nest. Whilst some of the group were making these nests, the rest of the Beavers were given some sugar paste and shown how to make a chick to put in their nest. We finished the evening by playing games. Sorry my photographs were not good enough this week to show.
The Beavers had to negotiate an obstacle course this week. This was set up downstairs and 2 lodges took their turns, whilst the other 2 lodges were upstairs playing Beetle Drive. A good time was had by all.
This week the Beavers were learning about Healthy Eating. They were given half a clementine, grapes, blueberries and Melon and made a fruit salad. This week each Beaver was given a badge celebrating the 30 years of Beavers. These should be attached to their sweatshirt for the next 12 months.