Beaver Section News
The title for this week was musical instruments. First the Beavers were asked to sit down and they were introduced to rhythm by clapping certain beats. They were each given a bottle and given either pasta or lentils to put into them and then decorate them. We the had a discussion on how the different products made different sounds. Following this they tapped out tunes. Well done to Sebastian on reciting his promise clearly and concisely. We also said goodbye to Sadie, Elliott, Oliver and Eoin as they are now progressing to Cubs. We hope they will all enjoy their new adventure.
The theme this week was Easter - so we made some chocolate nests made out of shredded wheat and chocolate. These were put into a muffin case and shaped to look like a nest. Whilst some of the group were making these nests, the rest of the Beavers were given some sugar paste and shown how to make a chick to put in their nest. We finished the evening by playing games. Sorry my photographs were not good enough this week to show.