Beaver Section News
Deborah very kindly came to Beavers this week and told them a story - for which they were very well behaved. They were then given an activity pack of colouring, cutting and gluing. We then played some games to finish the evening

Bird Feeder 2nd Feb

This time it was the Tue Colony that were getting their hands dirty blending bird food and lard. The evening started with a game as usual then Donna explained what they were going to do and asked them why it was important to feed birds at this time of year and where they should hang their finished feeders and why and what they might expect. Then it was into their Lodges and hands into the bowls to get mixing before filling their containers.

26th/27th JANUARY 2016

There was a change to the programme this week, the Beavers were invited to wear their football kit and some took up the challenge. The Beavers were divided into their lodges - 2 lodges went upstairs and designed a football and shield, this was to be a fictitious or real team. The other lodges played football themed games. The lodges then changed, so that everybody had the same opportunity.
This week the Wed Colony were making a bird feeder which at this time of the year, when there is not as much natural food available, is very important. First of all the Beavers talked about this need and where the feeder should be positioned before getting down to the messy bit. They mixed bird seed in with lard before putting the mix into a plastic pot which had had a string attached. This they then took home and hopefully is now hanging in the garden or by a window and will be attracting birds.