Cub Section News
The sun was shining and the birds were singing, as we reached the last meeting before the summer break. The cubs were treated to an outdoor meeting, where an assault course was constructed to test their speed, strength and skill. After a demonstration of what obstacles awaited them, it was time for the cubs to tackle the course for real. Divided into categories of under 9's and over 9's, the cubs took it in turns to complete the course in the fastest possible time. The course saw the cubs have a lot of running to do, in between a rope swing, frog hopping and climbing. After a number of challenging obstacles, the last obstacle saw an inner tube wrapped around their body that was tied to a tree. The cubs had to run and place their feet in a box, before being pulled back by the tube. This was a very tricky obstacle, which the cubs needed to use all their speed, skill and strength to complete. The top five cubs had another go at the course, to try and improve their times and be the quickest overall. Every cub put their full effort into the course and at the end, had the chance to have another go at any of the obstacles. The course was dismantled and the meeting was at an end, until September.

Birthday Bash

To celebrate 100 years of Cubs, 65 cubs from the group attended the Birthday Bash camp at Bispham. They were joined by other cubs in the district and across the county, as 1500 people took part in the celebrations. The cubs arrived on the Friday night to mud, mud and more mud as the campsite looked like a scene from Glastonbury. The cubs went straight into activities, as they attended the campfire to open the weekend and join in the fun with a sing-a-long on a huge scale. Once the cubs had sung their hearts out, they could use their feet and dance away at the disco. The main action on Saturday saw the cubs visit the 4 activity zones that had been set up. The first zone up was the survival zone, where they got the opportunity to build shelters and have a demonstration on how to prepare wild animals for cooking on a fire. This was not for the fainthearted, as they got to see the insides of the animals and what is was like to see the animals without a head. The animals used were wild animals, such as pheasant, rabbit and squirrel. They also had the opportunity to take part in archery and rifle shooting. Before lunch the cubs were able to bounce around, as they moved to the inflatable zone. They had the chance to tackle the tall inflatable slides and the inflatable football. This was football with a difference, as the cubs were the footballs. They were placed in huge plastic balls and ran around the pitch, bumping into the other balls. Judging by the queues, this was a very popular activity. The cubs were also able to have a go at indoor climbing. The afternoon session saw the cubs take to the skies, as they enjoyed themselves on the aerial runway and the climbing wall. The final activities, saw the cubs spend time on the water in canoes. They also took part in the mud run. At the end of the run all the faces were covered in mud, but once the cubs had a shower they were clean as when they arrived the day before. That night. saw a number of acts entertain everyone. First up was Sale District who performed their Gang Show, with various songs and comedy routines. They were followed by 3rd Urmston Brass Band, who performed a number of songs. They were both warm up acts to the main act, Reggie N Bollie. For those who haven't heard of them, they were runners up on the X Factor a few years ago. The cubs certainly knew who they were, as they were all up on their feet dancing and singing along. The end of their set was followed by a flag parade and a firework display. The Sunday saw the cubs take part in events put on by each district. After a couple of hours exploring the activities, it was time for the coach to arrive and take everyone home. The coach ride home was far quieter than on the way. I think that they must have been tired from everything they did over the weekend. They were greeted by their parents, to who they could tell the story of the weekend to. As well as having a lot of fun over the weekend, they will also receive various badges.

Ordsall Hall Visit

This week the cubs were transported back to Tudor times, as they visited Ordsall Hall for a look around. The tour started in the main room where the dining took place. The cubs had to take on a variety of roles, such as lord, lady, merchants, farmer and servants. Dressed in suitable attire, the cubs learned about where people sat depending on their occupation, what food they ate and what materials the plates and cups were made from. From the main room, the tour took us to the bedrooms, where they got to see how the other half slept. The four poster beds were smaller than today's beds, as the Tudors used to sleep sitting up rather than lying down so they could digest the huge amount of food they had eaten. The cubs also got to see how they use to have a bath and try on pieces of armour such as a helmet and chain mail. The armour was very heavy and would have taken a lot of energy to have fought with this on. The next place visited in the hall was the kitchen, where the cubs got the opportunity to use a pestle and mortar, experiment with items such as a watering can which drips water from the bottom and stops when you put the thumb over the top. The cubs also had the chance to carry a yoke. For those that are unfamiliar with a yoke, it is a wooden support that is carried on the shoulders with a bucket at each end to carry water. This would be a handy item to use on camp! The final destination saw the cubs visit the attic, where the staff slept. There would be about 40 people sleeping in the one area, which would not leave a lot of room to stretch your legs. It was very drafty and cool in the attic and would be even worse in the winter months. The cubs really enjoyed themselves, but would far prefer to live in the modern times instead of the Tudor period. The visit will count towards their badge work, as a visit to a place of local interest.

Chill Factore Fun

Whilst the weather was lovely and warm outside, the cubs were transported back to Winter as they visited The Chill Factore. Where as last time the cubs learned to ski, this time it was different as they tried various sports. Once they had been equipped and received the safety talk by the instructors, it was time for the cubs to hit the snow and ice. They were faced with different activities to keep them entertained in the cold, as on the snow they got to sledge and attempt the tyre course. The course was not straightforward, as it was a bumpy ride for the cubs as they attempted to stay on the tyre. The cubs also had the opportunity to use the Cresta Run. The Cresta Run is like a giant helter-skelter, which the cubs went down on a board whilst going round the many bends at great sped. All the cubs enjoyed themselves, as the watching adults took on refereshments to keep them warm in the Artic conditons. The evening was not only great fun, but went towards their badgework as they tried new sports. We may even end up with future Winter Olympions.

Easter Eggstravaganza

The last meeting before Easter had an egg theme to it. The cubs undertook the tradition of painting eggs. Armed with a cocktail stick, they set about removing the inside of the egg and not getting it on their face. Unfortunately not all the eggs made it, as some fell by the wayside. Once all the eggs had their insides removed, it was time for the cubs to get creative and paint their eggs. The eggs were all transformed using vibrant colours and imaginative designs. The cubs were able to take their eggs home at the end of the meeting, so they could be the centerpiece of their Easter celebrations. The inside's of the eggs didn't go to waste, as the cubs made omelettes and scrambled eggs with them.