Aerial Adventure

Spider Cub on the loose. Spider Cub on the loose.
For something differentg on a Saturday Afternoon, the cubs visited Aerial Extreme. Located deep within the Trafford Centre, the cubs were faced with a number of high rope obstacles. Once they had been harnassed up and given the safety talk by the instructors, it was time for them to tackle the course. The course was split into two parts, with a lower and upper course. The lower course was tackled first, with the cubs having to overcome various obstacles using their speed and balance. They also had to carry out a leap of faith to complete obstacles. The upper course brought higher and more difficult obstacles to overcome. Each of the courses finished with the cubs completing a zip wire, which they all enjoyed. Despite the hail and cold winds, all the cubs did their best in completing the course. There were a lot of happy smiles from the cold cubs, as they madee there way home for some much needed warmth.

Last modified on Sun 14 Feb 2016