Dovedale Hike

On top of the World (Thorp Cloud) On top of the World (Thorp Cloud)
Over a couple of Saturday's in March, the cubs went on day hike to Dove Dale in the Peak District. The mini bus dropped everyone at Mill Dale where the walk started from. Armed with the map and compass, the first job that the cubs had to do was orientate the map. Once this had been done, they were able to identify their position on the map by looking at the symbols on the map and relating them to what was around them. With their position identified, the cubs were on their way as they followed the river along as they went down the valley. As well as following their position on the map, the cubs had the chance to explore large caves. They also had the chance to explore a tiny cave which the cubs could fit in, but would be a tighter squeeze for an adult. During the walk, the cubs came across money trees (yes money does grow on trees). Following a short stop for lunch, it was time for a bit of uphill before coming to a stop by the stepping stones. We were on the last leg of the hike as Thorpe Cloud was scaled. It was well worth the effort of getting up, as there were fantastic views from the top. After the descent, it was onto the mini bus where the cubs were transported home to their waiting parents. By taking part on the hike, this was added to any previous hikes done and worked towards the Hikes Away staged badge. Many thanks to all the adults who gave up their time to go on the walk.

Last modified on Sat 16 Apr 2016