Chill Factore Fun

Don't let go Don't let go
Whilst the weather was lovely and warm outside, the cubs were transported back to Winter as they visited The Chill Factore. Where as last time the cubs learned to ski, this time it was different as they tried various sports. Once they had been equipped and received the safety talk by the instructors, it was time for the cubs to hit the snow and ice. They were faced with different activities to keep them entertained in the cold, as on the snow they got to sledge and attempt the tyre course. The course was not straightforward, as it was a bumpy ride for the cubs as they attempted to stay on the tyre. The cubs also had the opportunity to use the Cresta Run. The Cresta Run is like a giant helter-skelter, which the cubs went down on a board whilst going round the many bends at great sped. All the cubs enjoyed themselves, as the watching adults took on refereshments to keep them warm in the Artic conditons. The evening was not only great fun, but went towards their badgework as they tried new sports. We may even end up with future Winter Olympions.

Last modified on Sun 15 May 2016