Ordsall Hall Visit

Hard at work making the leaders tea. Hard at work making the leaders tea.
This week the cubs were transported back to Tudor times, as they visited Ordsall Hall for a look around. The tour started in the main room where the dining took place. The cubs had to take on a variety of roles, such as lord, lady, merchants, farmer and servants. Dressed in suitable attire, the cubs learned about where people sat depending on their occupation, what food they ate and what materials the plates and cups were made from. From the main room, the tour took us to the bedrooms, where they got to see how the other half slept. The four poster beds were smaller than today's beds, as the Tudors used to sleep sitting up rather than lying down so they could digest the huge amount of food they had eaten. The cubs also got to see how they use to have a bath and try on pieces of armour such as a helmet and chain mail. The armour was very heavy and would have taken a lot of energy to have fought with this on. The next place visited in the hall was the kitchen, where the cubs got the opportunity to use a pestle and mortar, experiment with items such as a watering can which drips water from the bottom and stops when you put the thumb over the top. The cubs also had the chance to carry a yoke. For those that are unfamiliar with a yoke, it is a wooden support that is carried on the shoulders with a bucket at each end to carry water. This would be a handy item to use on camp! The final destination saw the cubs visit the attic, where the staff slept. There would be about 40 people sleeping in the one area, which would not leave a lot of room to stretch your legs. It was very drafty and cool in the attic and would be even worse in the winter months. The cubs really enjoyed themselves, but would far prefer to live in the modern times instead of the Tudor period. The visit will count towards their badge work, as a visit to a place of local interest.

Last modified on Mon 30 May 2016

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