Birthday Bash

Who forgot the marshmallows? Who forgot the marshmallows?
To celebrate 100 years of Cubs, 65 cubs from the group attended the Birthday Bash camp at Bispham. They were joined by other cubs in the district and across the county, as 1500 people took part in the celebrations. The cubs arrived on the Friday night to mud, mud and more mud as the campsite looked like a scene from Glastonbury. The cubs went straight into activities, as they attended the campfire to open the weekend and join in the fun with a sing-a-long on a huge scale. Once the cubs had sung their hearts out, they could use their feet and dance away at the disco. The main action on Saturday saw the cubs visit the 4 activity zones that had been set up. The first zone up was the survival zone, where they got the opportunity to build shelters and have a demonstration on how to prepare wild animals for cooking on a fire. This was not for the fainthearted, as they got to see the insides of the animals and what is was like to see the animals without a head. The animals used were wild animals, such as pheasant, rabbit and squirrel. They also had the opportunity to take part in archery and rifle shooting. Before lunch the cubs were able to bounce around, as they moved to the inflatable zone. They had the chance to tackle the tall inflatable slides and the inflatable football. This was football with a difference, as the cubs were the footballs. They were placed in huge plastic balls and ran around the pitch, bumping into the other balls. Judging by the queues, this was a very popular activity. The cubs were also able to have a go at indoor climbing. The afternoon session saw the cubs take to the skies, as they enjoyed themselves on the aerial runway and the climbing wall. The final activities, saw the cubs spend time on the water in canoes. They also took part in the mud run. At the end of the run all the faces were covered in mud, but once the cubs had a shower they were clean as when they arrived the day before. That night. saw a number of acts entertain everyone. First up was Sale District who performed their Gang Show, with various songs and comedy routines. They were followed by 3rd Urmston Brass Band, who performed a number of songs. They were both warm up acts to the main act, Reggie N Bollie. For those who haven't heard of them, they were runners up on the X Factor a few years ago. The cubs certainly knew who they were, as they were all up on their feet dancing and singing along. The end of their set was followed by a flag parade and a firework display. The Sunday saw the cubs take part in events put on by each district. After a couple of hours exploring the activities, it was time for the coach to arrive and take everyone home. The coach ride home was far quieter than on the way. I think that they must have been tired from everything they did over the weekend. They were greeted by their parents, to who they could tell the story of the weekend to. As well as having a lot of fun over the weekend, they will also receive various badges.

Last modified on Sun 07 Aug 2016