The Last Meeting ... Until September

Stretched to the limit Stretched to the limit
The sun was shining and the birds were singing, as we reached the last meeting before the summer break. The cubs were treated to an outdoor meeting, where an assault course was constructed to test their speed, strength and skill. After a demonstration of what obstacles awaited them, it was time for the cubs to tackle the course for real. Divided into categories of under 9's and over 9's, the cubs took it in turns to complete the course in the fastest possible time. The course saw the cubs have a lot of running to do, in between a rope swing, frog hopping and climbing. After a number of challenging obstacles, the last obstacle saw an inner tube wrapped around their body that was tied to a tree. The cubs had to run and place their feet in a box, before being pulled back by the tube. This was a very tricky obstacle, which the cubs needed to use all their speed, skill and strength to complete. The top five cubs had another go at the course, to try and improve their times and be the quickest overall. Every cub put their full effort into the course and at the end, had the chance to have another go at any of the obstacles. The course was dismantled and the meeting was at an end, until September.

Last modified on Sun 04 Sep 2016

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