Cub Section News

local knowledge badge

On Monday 8th October the cubs were split into 3 groups. One group did the local knowledege badge, the second group learnt about how to treat each other and to tell us what they find is going wrong with the group and the last group played games

On Monday 1st October three groups of cub sixes did either the sport enthusiast badge, various games or scouting skills.  The latter group learnt how to do knots.  Today – Saturday 6th October is a six a side district football tournament at Stretford Leisuire Centre commencing at 3.30 pm.



On Monday 24th September 7 new cubs were invested, now our group consists of almost 40 members.   The cubs were provided with information about how to earn their sports enthusiast badge.  They will need to research a sport such as tennis, cricket, football or an athletic discipline and think about how to present their findings: this might be a short PowerPoint or word document, a spoken recording, a collage of labelled images, a mind map/spider diagram or their own handwritten piece.

On Monday 17th September the cubs participated in the District athletics and cross country event.  Activities included 50 metres skipping,1,000 metres running, long jump, Sargent jump, shot put with a cricket ball and a 50metres sprint.  This event was a lot of fun and the cubs achieved their Athlete badge.  

Saturday 22nd September wasb our visit to the Imperial War Museum in Salford which was a lot of fun as well as providing educational opportunities. 

Home Safety Badge

This week the cubs got up to doing the home safety badge which includes them knowing what to do if you have a burst water pipe gas leak or electricity power failure at home.  We also played a couple of games as well. We only diid half of the home safety badge as half of the cubs have completed the badge.  On Monday 17th September there is a District Athlectics Badge and Cross Country event at the Ranche so we need all cubs to be at the Ranche by 6.30pm.  On Saturday 22nd September there is a trip to The Imperial War Museum in Salford.  People who got the form the deadline is 17th September.  There will be more information given out on Monday about the trip.