Cub Section News

Cubs Athlete's Badge

On Wednesday 25th June, the Cubs took part in a few activities towards their Athlete's Badge.

This involved:

50m Sprint
50m Skipping
Cricket Ball Throw
6 x 10m Shuttle Run

The Cubs will find out next week whether the have passed the Badge.

On Monday 2nd June the cubs did knots and what famous people inspire the cubs.  We split the cubs into 2 groups one group learnt about knots and the different knots you can do such as reef knot or the fisherman's knot etc.  The other group did what famous person inspires them and the most popular answers were Bear Grylls, David Beckham and a couple of other people.

On 12th May we did outside games and promotion of the sixes.  The outside games we did were kickball and elephant football.  How we played these games were for kickball is you have to  choose someone to be on and they give the rest of the people 10 seconds to hide and the person who is on after 10 seconds can go and look for the other cubs and if the person who has just been caught gets to the ball quicker than the one who is on and kicks the ball then he frees everybody.  How you play elephant football is you get everybody together in a circle and they have their legs wide open with their right hand behind their back and then they would use their left hand to hit the ball to each other and if the ball goes out the circle that person/people are out. To round this meeting of we finished of promoting of the different sixes which was good.

On Monday 14th April we did trading posts and the cubs had to choose from a list of activities to do which were a range of things varying from knots to skipping and a range of other activities. When the cubs had completed an activity they had to check it with a leader and they would award a certain number of points but if we were playing this game properly we would award the teams fake money.  This activity was good as the cubs got to learn teamwork and maths.  After the Easter break we return on MONDAY 28TH APRIL.  DON'T FORGET ON SUNDAY 27TH APRIL IT IS OUR ST GEORGES DAY PARADE AT 2PM.

What cubs Zoo Best

We arrived bright and early on 29th March 2014 at the Ranche ready to embark on our trip to Chester Zoo.  7 cubs and 3 leaders and 1 minibus headed out excited and singing.

Kipp was put in charge of the expedition navigating the group around the various attractions and exhibits. On the list of animals we visits were Elephants, tigers, lions, merekats, tapirs, orangutans, chimpanzees, and every bodies favourite the bats. The day was sunny so we picniced outside and had icecreams.