Cub Section News

On 24th February We Looked towards changing the Cub pack format, We looked at Taking responsibility for our actions and looking at how we should behave in meetings, we worked out a code or conduct and what the roles of the cubs and leaders are.

Congratulations Fred on your Book readers Badge.



Swimming Badges

On 15th February The district Ran Swimmers Badges at Partington Baths Well done Francis For Passing Stage 2

To DIY For

6 Intrepid Cubs embarked on the wonders of building with hammer nail and Saw in the first weeks of February 2014. 

Tackling the Cub DIY Badge, learning about hand and power tools alike, and there safety and storage. 


Under taking 2 bold projects they built 2 sleds and a bird box.  Take great pride guys you did an excellent job 




Max, Freya, Joe, Francis, Stellar, FredCool

On Monday 10th February we had Healthy Living And Pack A Rucksack. We split the cubs into 2 groups one group did Healthy Living whilst the other group learnt about how to pack a rucksack.  The group who did Healthy Living got taught things like how much sleep they should be having, what sort of food ishealthy, why we have vitamins etc.  The group who were learning how to pack a rucksack got taught the difference between the a daysack and a camping rucksack and how to pack them both.

For the last 2 weeks in January we did Recycling and saving energy and playing games.  We split the cubs into 2 groups one group did games whilst the other group did recycling and saving energy.  The group who did recycling and saving energy talked about how fossil fuels are formed and how and why we recycle and what things we recycle etc.  The games we played were bench dodgeball and hot potato.