Cub Section News

On Monday 25th November we did games and life in Japan for the ones who didn't do it the previous week.  The game the cubs played were table dodgeball. How the cubs play this game is we use a table, split the cubs into 2 teams and we then bounce the ball and they have to get each other out below the knee.  On 2nd December we did a First Aid practical evening which was really good and we also played a game of Hot Potato which was good

On Monday 11th November we did the great egg race which included the cubs  working in groups and they had to think how they would design a covering the egg to protect the egg when they threw it.  The cubs could design the cover any way they wanted.  The equipment they had were sellotape,newspaper,straws and the boiled egg and all of the groups did the eggs the same way as each other wrapped a lot of newspaper round then we went outside and 1 person from each group threw the eggs and at the end the leaders got to see if any were broken which none were which was good  This was a good meeting as it taught the cubs working as a team.  On Monday 18th November the cubs got to learn about Japan as one of the leaders has just come back from there so he showed the cubs some stuff that he brought back.  This was a good meeting as it goes towards their badge work.

Group Bonfire Night

Tuesday 5 November saw the group bonfire night.


All sections, parents and family were invited to the evening and we had around 190 atendees on the evening.

On Monday 4th November we did doing your best week and playing games.  Doing your best week included the cubs discussing on what they have done best and why people need to do their best.  The games we did were spin the rope and dodgeball and any other games the cubs wanted to play.  This was a fun evening as everybody got to do all the activities as they were fun and educational.  Next week we are doing The Great Egg Race. 

Longford Cubs were victorious at the District 6-a-Side completion, beating Firswood 6-0 in the final.