Cub Section News

On Monday 16th September. We split the cubs into 2 groups and 1 group got to do the knotts exercise and the knotts were the Reef Knott and the Clove Hitch  whilst the other group did Hazards in The Hut and we split the cubs into 2 groups to do the activity.This activity we got the cubs to find the hazards for each room and then we got them to explain why they put the sticker on the hazard.  This activity was really fun and educational and will go towards one of the badges. 

On Monday 16th September we split the cubs into 3 groups, 1 group did scouting skills which this week was learning how to do knots. The 2nd group were doing part of their promise badge which they had to remember and they had to explain parts of the promise. The 3rd group did the assault course which was the  same as last week, a ladder they had to step through, a bench to walk over, a tyre to crawl through, and a couple of bits of equipment to climb through and every 15- 20 minutes we swapped the groups over so everybody got a turn at everything. This was a successfull evening as everyone enjoyed it. 

On Monday 9th September we split the cubs into 2 groups and one group did the assault course whilst the other group did scouting skillss which included learning how to use maps and  they also did another activity which was part of the global badge and the activity was they had to decide what they would write in a letter to pen pal.  After 20- 30 minutes we then swapped the groups over so everybody got a turn at doing everything.  On Saturday 14th September the cubs have got a trip to Alton Towers which should be fun.  We are meeting at the quadrant for 08.30 so we can go straight of to Alton Towers and we will be back in Stretford for 19.30 pm at the quadrant.  If there are any problems/ queries please do not Hesitate to contact Mike Butt on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.    If you would like to go please confirm by email by 11th September. 

Bagheera's Challenge

Bagheera's Challenge Tramway/railwaySafety

Booklet Competition


In this Challenge I would like you to come up with a booklet on how to be safe on a tram/ railway the boklet

can either typed or done by hand the more creative the better.


The booklet must include:

  • What to do if you see someone jump down on the railway tracks

  • What to do if someone falls ill on either tram/train

  • What to do if someone tries to steal something from you

  • How to tell the driver if something is wrong on the tram/train

What you must do if you:

  • See things not right with the station

  • See someone being stupid


Closing Date 14th October 2013

There will a prizes for 1st 2nd and 3rd winners and go towards your badgework


New Cub Pack

Wednesday 5th September saw the start of the new Cub Pack. With 4 transferring from Monday Night and 11 new members, what a great start.