Cub Section News

Global challenge badge

On Monday 1st July we did part of the Global Badge and we did a game which was based on monopoly.  The game is called Trading Posts and how the cubs play it is we gave them a list of things they either wanted to learn how to do or  they wanted to show us they could do and they had to give us a price as  to how much  they would give us for it and we bartered(agreed) on a price wih them but it was a lot of fun.  On Saturday 6th July it is the BBQ at the Ranche and we have got a funday starting at 3pm then there is the bbq/ quiz and agm at a about 6pm 

cubs sports night

On Monday 24th June we had a cubs sports night and we did activities like the egg and spoon race, tug of war race hula hooping relay races, sack races, three legged race and any other traditional races you can think of.  Unfortunately Longford didn't win any trophies but we did win quite a few individual races which was good.  Next week we are doing the Global badge which should be quite good.


On Monday 17th June we did the Fitness Badge and we split the cubs into 2 groups. One group did the Fitness Badge whilst the other group played cricket and half way through we swopped the groups over.  Overall everybody had a good evening.  Next Monday we are doing the Global Challenge which should be a lot of fun and interesting.

Wide Games

On Monday 10th June we split the cubs into 2 groups.  Half went with one leader and the other half went with Baloo and Bagheera and we did a game which involved the cubs being split into 2 teams 1side were the horses and the other team were the jockeys and they had to chase the king and his oaf.  This was a fun, tiring and fast paced game to play

This is a challenge to draw an A3 poster about anothder country. 

The picture will include:

1) The country's name

2) Their national food

3) National dress

4) A Famous Landmark

5) Anything They Are Famous For Making

6)  Something Showing Their Main Religion


Picture Of National Flag

Box In Corner Saying:



Capital City