Past 2 weeks at Explorers

Explorers have been back for two weeks now. We’re all excited for the new programme to drop so until it does we have been playing some old-school games as well as some classic Explorer favourites One week we’ve had merry miming game charades. Frustrating, confusing and amusing in equal measure the Explorers enjoyed this one! One syllable, sounds like Sun. Yep, you guessed it, it was fun. Explorer’s have also enjoyed some firm favourites like dodgeball and bulldog among others. If you’ve never played dodgeball the rules are simple. Just don’t get hit by the ball. The clues in the name you see, dodge-ball. Keep your eyes peeled online for the new programme which should be appearing very soon. It’s going to be filled with creative and exhilarating activities. Is there another organisation where you can find activities like Murder Mystery nights and axe throwing all in the same place? I can’t think of anywhere either.

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