Scouts and Explorers Christmas Party - 15/12/16

Scouts, Explorers and Stormtroopers Scouts, Explorers and Stormtroopers
Our annual Christmas outing for Scouts and Explorers was a huge success. This year it featured laser battles, scaling walls, mountains of pizza and Stormtroopers. Wait, What? That’s right, the Empire appeared to be on their Christmas do on the same evening. What are the chances? Luckily our fearless Scout Leaders quick thinking convinced the Stormtroopers that these were not the scouts they were looking for and happily posed for selfies. The caper began at Laser Quest in the Trafford Centre. After dividing in to teams, the scouts blasted their way through laser fire in a huge fog-filled arena taking part in various games designed to test the player’s strategy and teamwork. When the scouts had finished fighting through laser fire, next on the agenda was a crack at The Rock. The Rock is a climbing simulation which tilts and shifts like a huge treadmill. With 20 climbing challenges varying in difficulty players are scored on reaching the end on their climb. The scouts formed pairs to see who could conquer the wall and test their strength, speed and stamina. I’m tired just writing about it. Having well and truly worked up an appetite, the scouts finished the evening with pizza and lots of it! So, there we have it, same time next year then? All here from the 1st Stretford (Longford) Scouts would like to wish everyone and their families a very happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year.