Explorers 2nd Birthday

Explorers play pass the parcel Explorers play pass the parcel
It was a special occasion this week for our Explorers. Tuesday 3rd was officially 2 years ago that Explorers was formed and joined up with 1st Stretford (Longford) Scouts. Explorers take on a wide range of activities from traditional scouting skills to more adventurous exploits like abseiling. To celebrate 2 years of exciting escapades and cooperation, explorers were treated to a party. It isn’t a party without party food so we put on a spread of treats including, everybody’s fiesta favourite, birthday cake. Fun and games was up next with a lively rendition of pass the parcel giving our explorers a chance to grab themselves a prezzie. Although, I’m told it’s the taking part that counts. This was quickly followed by some fancy foot work with musical chairs. This may, or may not, be true but I’ve heard it said that 90% of all disappointment comes as a direct consequence of musical chairs. Luckily, any down beat Explorers could cut a rug with the best of em’ and dance themselves delirious with a disco to end the night. It’s been an amazing 2 years. We’d like to thank all our Explorers for making it special and leaders for all that they do that has made the last 2 years possible. Here’s to another 2 years and many more!