Scouts Returns - Thursday 5th 2017

Scouts play snakes and ladders Scouts play snakes and ladders
Following a well-deserved break for the holiday season, Thursday 5th 2017 saw the return of Scouts. Fun and games was the order of the day featuring all the classics such as gigantic Jenga blocks, snakes and ladders, dominos, draughts and chess. Scout leader Scully became the biggest surprise of the evening by sweeping all before him at chess like battlefield general incarnate. Is he THAT good at chess or was it all just bad luck that that conspired against his defeated foes? Either way, I think a rematch is the only way to settle it. 2017 has started out with great news already as we are pleased to announce Hannah Buckley has returned to Longford to help at Scouts. Welcome back Hannah! Glad to have you on board.