Badges, Badges, Badges!

Don’t worry we’ve not forgotten about you, we’ve just been very busy here at Scouts for the past three weeks. To follow will be a trio of articles to give you all a head’s up on a what’s been going down around the Scout Hut. The Scouts have been engaged in a series of challenges, working towards earning their Local Knowledge, Physical Recreation and Sports Enthusiast badges. What are they when they’re at home? Well, I’ll tell ya. LOCAL KNOWLEDGE BADGE – One of the ways to earn this badge is for Scouts to learn where amenities and landmarks are within a designated radius. They must then be able to point out one of those locations and plot the quickest route there from home or Scout HQ. PHYSICAL RECREATION BADGE– Regularly taking part in any extracurricular sporting activity from football team to gymnastics is the way to earn this badge. You also need to show off a nifty bit of skill, explain the rules and give us the lowdown on equipment such as what you need, for example, football isn’t the same without a ball. SPORTS ENTHUSIAST BADGE – If you’ve a real passion for a sport this badge could be for you. To grip yourself this bad boy you’re going have to demonstrate the in’s and outs of your chosen sport such as the rules, related sports personalities, equipment and more. You can also get more than one of these. Look out tomorrow for more information on the challenges the Scouts have done to win their badges.