Climbing at The Depot: Manchester

As a part of the Scouts adventure challenge we’ve been on a little trip to The Depot Climbing Centre in Trafford Park for a spot of climbing and bouldering. What’s a “bouldering” I hear you say? “Bouldering is a style of climbing free from the use of ropes” say’s The Depot website. For those of you who don’t know, now you know. There is state of the art crash mats at the bottom of the wall just in case you decide to come back down with a bump. The Depot has the largest bouldering wall in Europe and is a fun way to build fitness as well as earn Scout badges and can be enjoyed by practically anyone so, y’know, give it a go. After a brief health & safety monologue, Scouts took to it like ducks to water and were clambering up and down walls like nobody’s biz. There’ll be plenty more high jinks coming up over the next few weeks, but until then have a good weekend.

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