Scout Section News

Pancake Day


The scouts made/burnt pancakes....

Also Jack Brownhill was invested...

Buddhist Temple Visit

We visited a Buddhist temple in Chorlton to learn about Buddhism.

The Scouts learnt about the religion, asked questions and carried out a 10 minute meditation. Yes they were quiet for 10 minutes!


16 Scout achieved their World Faith badge!!

Climbing and Crafts

This week was a repeat of last week with:

Bulldogs and Wolves creating keyrings from paracord.

Panthers and Lions went climbing.

Both activities tick off part of our creative and adventure challenge badges!


The Panthers and Lions patrols are doing crafting. They are making key rings out of string whilst the Wolfs and Bulldogs are rock climbing...

King of Swing!

"Now I'm the king of the swingers
Oh, the Longford VIP
I've reached the top and had to stop
Oh the clove hitch taught me
I wanna make a monkey swing
And swing right into town
And be just like the other Scouts
I'm tired of monkeyin' around!"

Thursday 18 Jan saw the Scouts learn some simple knots including the clove hitch and bow line.

After they learnt the knots it was time to make the monkey swings. The monkey swing only uses one know to make it, the clove hitch, so is a very simple but entertaining piece of pioneering.

The Leaders installed the monkey swings and  the challenge was set - to get across from one side of the room to the other. After much swinging, it was declared a draw between all patrols.