Scout Section News

Group Bonfire Night

Tuesday 5 November saw the group bonfire night.


All sections, parents and family were invited to the evening and we had around 190 atendees on the evening.

Ace Snowboarders

Over two weeks the Scouts attended Snowboarding taster sessions at Runcorn.


Great fun was had and we eventually managed to make it down the slope and more importantly STOP at the bottom!

Operation Lazer Tag

After Remembrance parade the Scouts that atteneded went off to Operation Laser Tag as a reward. This invloved team games in an outdoor laser arena.

Help, I need somebody!

No - we didn't have an evening singing the beatles.

It was the second part of our Emergency Aid evening. 10 more Scouts learnt about first aid, covering the recovery position, cuts burns and scalds and how to get further help if needed.

Hellish Halloween Camp

The Stretford District hosted Halloween camp was attended by 7 Scouts from Longford along 40 other young people

The scouts took part in Archery, Qudditch, Halloween cames and pumpkin carving.

The Saturday night saw the Scouts enjoy a firework display as well as a booming fancy dress disco!

It was a great weekend and can we do the same again next year? Yes please!