Scout Section News

Tents and Games

On the 4th of July bulldogs and wolves practiced putting up the tents they will use on camps. They learnt a lot and had lots of fun. The other two patrols went and played games outside on the main field. 

Golf Driving Range

On the 27th of June we went to a golf driving range. We went and hit golf balls and sore who could hit the ball the furthest. 

Fire Lighting

On the 20th of June we did fire lighting. We did this as a competition so Mark and Ryan were tied together and the scouts were in their patrols and they had to beat Mark and Ryan at cooking a tin of beans. It was a very exciting competition and all participating enjoyed. 

On the 13th of June we held the district rounder’s competition. We had two team who came first and second in the competition. We had been practicing, so a very well done to the teams for doing so well. 

Weekend Camp

On the 7th-9th of June we went on weekend camp. On the camp we did the cube, which is a high ropes course. On this course we did a leap of faith, balance beams and a Jacobs ladder. All the scouts enjoyed this very much. We also did an assault course, which we did a time trail so there was a competition on who can win. We also did many other activities like wide games, backwards cooking, pitching tents, cooking on fires and many more camping skills.