Scout Section News

Chef's Badge - Dessert

Thursday 31st Feb saw the 3rd part of the preparation for the Chefs' with the final part of the jigsaw - Dessert.

The Scouts split up into groups to make the dessert which was peach cheesecake. They started by lining the tin and making the base of biscuit crumbs and butter. Unfortunately some of the Scouts got a bit heavy handed and we had biscuit crumbs exploding everywhere!!! The top of the cheese cake was made by whisking soft cheese, double cream and icing sugar (trying not to lick fingers at this point was difficult). Peaches were added into the cheesecake and on the top for decoration  They were then put in the fridge to set.

Once the cheesecakes had chilled,the Scouts got to eat their masterpieces.

At the end of the evening Curtis and Dylan were invested - welcome to the Scout Troop!

Scout Parents - keep your eye out for an invite to the Chef's Badge on Sunday 23rd March.


On the 24th of January, the scouts went climbing at the Manchester Climbing Center. The scouts were split into groups on three or four when we arrived. The instructors took two groups each. Within the groups each scout would be helping the climber, by doing the belaying. So one scout sat with their back against the climbing wall pulling the rope down as the climber climbed. The other scouts would be sat on the floor looking at the wall pulling the rope. 

After climbing the wall they all got a go on the bouldering wall. Which looked very fun. 

Creative Night

On the 10th of January the scouts had a creative night. As the name suggests me gave the scouts the opportunity to be creative. We also managed to link it to the chefs badge that we had started the week before. The activity that they were given was to create a menu for the badge and everyone would vote on which group should win. So they had coloured paper and pens to make the final menu look exciting and professional. They also had to be creative with the food as they had to choose a type of soup for the started, a type of pasta dish for the main and a type of cheesecake for pudding. 

So we split the scouts into four teams to start the task, and after many arguements about who knew the best food was over we were ready for the voting system. Each scout could vote once and not for their own. We had a clear winner and the winning menu is; Chicken Soup for starter, Spag Bol for the mains and Chocolate Cheesecake. 

Games Night

On the 3rd of January, the scouts had their first meeting of the year and as we have started every other year, we started with a games night. We have a fun meeting full of fun filled games. And this year the scouts had a real treat, Pete Marsh came down and played games that the scouts hadn't played before. Some of the games they hadn't played before were; sack football and crab football. They loved sack football where you had to knock over the other players pin by kicking a football into it, however they had to do this whilst in a sack. This gave us all many laughs as it was difficult to stay of your feet whilst kicking the ball in the sack. 

Also at this meeting the kids started on their adventure to getting the chefs badge. It begins with trying to decide on a menu. We made note of all the suggestions of the kids. They came up with many ideas for starters, mains and puddings. This has really given them a good foundation to start the badge off. 

Remembrance Sunday

Sunday 11th saw Stretford's Annual Rememberance Parade.

Once we reached the Cenotaph and it turned 11am the two minutes silence were held as a sign of respect.

George did a brilliant Job of carrying the district flag whilst Jack and Johnny provided a guard of honor.

Thank you to the 6 young people that turned up and paid their respects.