Scout Section News

New Toilets

Saturday 13th work started on the new toilets at the Ranche. We started off by ripping out the old toilets that had resided in the Ranche for over 25 years, this has now left an empty shell ready for the builders.

The money to carry this out has been donated by Trafford Housing trust and will help make our facilities a better environment for the young people in the group

Thanks to Pete M., Alan, Nick, Fish, Mr Anderson & Mr Sterlini.

Keep checking back on this page to see updates.

Scouts Map Reading

Thursday 4th October saw the Scouts test out their map reading abilities. The Scouts grouped up into three patrols, the Wolves, Lions and Bull Dogs. Each patrol were led by their patrol leader.

We showed the patrols a symbol and they had to find the symbol and the map coordinates. As they were all in competition with each other to find the symbols first, each patrol had to make a noise to notify the Scout Leaders they've found it. The Bull Dogs barked, the Lions roared and the Wolves howled. It sounded like the Scouts had gone mad!

It was a successful map reading evening, and we had a lot of fun whilst learning. The winning team though was the Lions with 7 points. Wolves came second with 3 points, and Bull Dogs fell behind with only 1 point. Well done Lions!

Next meeting the Scouts can put these map reading skills to the test as they do a quiz around Trafford.

Thursday 27th September saw the Scouts cook Spaghetti Bolognese. The Assistant Scout leaders, Ratty and Ricki, bought food in advance for the meeting. The ingredients were Pasta, Mince (Quorn for the vegetarian), Onions, Mushrooms, Tinned Tomatoes and Tomato Puree. The Assistant Scout leaders and the patrol leaders lead the Scouts.

The Scouts split up in three groups and began preparation. Together they planned out what cookware they'd require in order to make the Italian dish. The Scouts then worked as a team and decided between themselves who was responsible for what task, whether it be chopping the onions or cooking the pasta.

Spaghetti Bolognese was a great success and we all had great fun making the dish, and even more so when we all sat together as a group and ate it. Tonight's meeting contributed to the cooking badge that will be awarded to the Scouts when achieved.

So then...what's for desert?


Take A Hike

Thursday 20th September the Scouts put on their hiking boots and waterproofs to set off for a hike. As a group we walked around the Mersey and then Sale Water Park. We survived the rain, plodded through the muddy trails and spoke to some fishermen about their catches. 

The whole group had a lot of fun, and we look forward to future hikes. Next week the Scouts will be continuing with their cooking badge by preparing a main meal, so stay tuned for more news. 

Soup Anyone?

Thursday 13th September saw the Scouts cook soup. They were split into groups to wash cut up and slice their onions (with some crying), leeks and potatoes. After all this was done the masterchefs cooked leek and potato soup and sampled their delights.

This is an ongoing project with the Scouts working towards their chef's badge. Look out for more information coming out soon.