Scout Section News

Explorers 2nd Birthday

It was a special occasion this week for our Explorers. Tuesday 3rd was officially 2 years ago that Explorers was formed and joined up with 1st Stretford (Longford) Scouts. Explorers take on a wide range of activities from traditional scouting skills to more adventurous exploits like abseiling. To celebrate 2 years of exciting escapades and cooperation, explorers were treated to a party. It isn’t a party without party food so we put on a spread of treats including, everybody’s fiesta favourite, birthday cake. Fun and games was up next with a lively rendition of pass the parcel giving our explorers a chance to grab themselves a prezzie. Although, I’m told it’s the taking part that counts. This was quickly followed by some fancy foot work with musical chairs. This may, or may not, be true but I’ve heard it said that 90% of all disappointment comes as a direct consequence of musical chairs. Luckily, any down beat Explorers could cut a rug with the best of em’ and dance themselves delirious with a disco to end the night. It’s been an amazing 2 years. We’d like to thank all our Explorers for making it special and leaders for all that they do that has made the last 2 years possible. Here’s to another 2 years and many more!
Our annual Christmas outing for Scouts and Explorers was a huge success. This year it featured laser battles, scaling walls, mountains of pizza and Stormtroopers. Wait, What? That’s right, the Empire appeared to be on their Christmas do on the same evening. What are the chances? Luckily our fearless Scout Leaders quick thinking convinced the Stormtroopers that these were not the scouts they were looking for and happily posed for selfies. The caper began at Laser Quest in the Trafford Centre. After dividing in to teams, the scouts blasted their way through laser fire in a huge fog-filled arena taking part in various games designed to test the player’s strategy and teamwork. When the scouts had finished fighting through laser fire, next on the agenda was a crack at The Rock. The Rock is a climbing simulation which tilts and shifts like a huge treadmill. With 20 climbing challenges varying in difficulty players are scored on reaching the end on their climb. The scouts formed pairs to see who could conquer the wall and test their strength, speed and stamina. I’m tired just writing about it. Having well and truly worked up an appetite, the scouts finished the evening with pizza and lots of it! So, there we have it, same time next year then? All here from the 1st Stretford (Longford) Scouts would like to wish everyone and their families a very happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year.
Last night, on Thursday 6th December, half of our scouts when out on an adventure. Flashlights in hand, the scout leaders took them on a night hike around Turn Moss, out on to the River Mersey and along its winding towpaths. This mission goes some way to earning scouts their Hikes Away badge but is also great fun! Navigating in the dark is a fantastic way to build teamwork as well as communication skills and soon the scouts were all chatting amongst themselves. The surrounding area around Turn Moss is full of woods and secret paths to explore. Local wildlife, such as frogs, can usually be found scurrying about on the river banks and every corner of the woods for the scouts to discover. Unfortunately, the wildlife was hiding last night and were difficult to spot. Taking the scouts out in to these areas help scouts to understand the local ecosystems as well as respect for the natural environment. In a world where we are surrounded by TV’s, iPhones and other technology, time spent amongst friends, exploring and discovering nature can be soothing for the soul as well as the mind.

Fire Lighting

Over the last three weeks we have been making the most of the dry weather and lighting fires for barbecues. Typically all the wood is wet, but the expertise of our scout leaders shone through and everyone was soon eating burgers.

Patrol Leaders Meeting

On Thursday 4 February the Troops Patrol Leaders (PLs) got together for a Patrol Leaders Forum. The Patrol Leaders Forum is a meeting of all the PLs with the Leaders and allows the Scouts to put forward any ideas they have on events they would like to see included in the coming programme as well as discuss any problems or improvements to the Troop. This is the first time the current Patrol Leaders have got together to discuss the Troop and things they would like to change. Some of the things they decided upon: - A new scout of the week recognition scheme - Patrol Leaders taking on more responsibility - Their new Assistant Patrol Leaders They decided to get back together in a month to see how well it is working so watch this space.