Our HQ Refurbishment Project  

At the start of 2024 we secured additional building space through a 25-year lease, and we are embarking on an exciting HQ refurbishment project. This initiative aims to address critical infrastructure challenges, enabling us to provide an enriched scouting experience for nearly 300 young individuals aged 4 to 18.

Our acquired building space is in subpar condition with a leaking roof, faulty or missing electrics, broken and rotting doors, and structural repairs needed. If not addressed promptly, these issues may lead to the demise of the building beyond serviceable repair. 

We've broken the work into a number of phases to allow the projects to be managed and funded in appropriately sized chunks of work.

Our Current Work in progress:

Phase 3 - Current Project (Circa £140,000) - Fundraising Achieved  - Due to start ASAP

As part of this phase we'll be re-roofing the remaing occupancy of our HQ. This involves stripping the existing slates, replacing rotten timbers and re-using as many of the existing slates as possible to go back on to the roof. There's also some structural work that needs completing. We'll also replace four sets of rotten damaged external wooden doors and windows.

This phase will allow us to complete our move out of the Long Barn and return the keys for this building to Trafford Council.

As part of this phase we aim to create a dedicated, multi-use activity room equipped for bouldering and indoor caving. We'll also create an additional external outdoor multi-use-space for activities all year round including space for archery. This expansion is vital to meet the growing demands of our scouting program, as highlighted by the feedback from children and young people who regularly face challenges due to limited space.

Phase 4 - Electrics and Heating Upgrade (Awaiting Prices)

We're starting to explore replacing our end-of-life gas space heater in the main room and at the same time looking at how we heat the new room. Alongside this our supply is being upgraded to ensure we have the correct power requirements going forwards. We'll have do some prep work i.e. insulation etc. to ensure we are ready for our new hearing.

Phase 5a - Kitchen (Awaiting Prices)

We're are  looking at installing a new kitchen, with more ovens, more storage and more worktop space for young people to take part in cooking activities. As part of this work we'll need to install new external doors, a new concreate slab with a DPM in the room and some strucutal work.


Phase 3 - Donations Thermometer

Check out below where we are on our fundraising journey for Phase 3:
£ 140000
donation thermometer
donation thermometer
£ 140000
donation thermometer

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Project Plan:

We've made significant progress on numerous tasks, but there's still plenty more on our plate. Take a look below for a summary of what we've accomplished and a glimpse into what our upcoming projects entail.


Phase 1 - Re-roof occupancy (Circa £35,000)

The first phase of our redevelopment was re-roofing the current occupancy of our HQ. This involved stripping the existing slates, replacing rotten timbers and re-using as many of the existing slates as possible to go back on to the roof

Phase 2 - New Room (Circa £90,000)

We converted one of the dilapidated and derelict rooms we acquired as part of the lease and converted it into a second meeting room. Alongside this the area was re-roofed (using existing slates) and a new window and an external door were installed.

Phase 2a -Courtyard area (Circa £10,000)

An initial tidy up of this area and all of our new rooms was completed including many skips of waste. The Veranda area was cleared of many inches of pigeon guano and a brand new concrete slab was installed for outdoor scouting activities in all weathers. All external woodwork recieved a coat of paint to ensure it lasts another 12/24 months.

Phase 2b - Windows upstairs (Circa £6,000)

The upstairs windows were leaking, rotten and letting in water. These have been replaced with new timber (due to conservation area) windows.


Phase 5A & 5B - Kitchen and Toilets (Price to be scoped)

Installing new kitchen and toilets and maximising space in each of these areas.

Phase 6 - Leaders Room, entrance and corridor (Price to be scoped)

Refurbishing and reformatting these areas to allow us to have a better entrance area.

Phase 7 - Main Room (Price to be scoped)

Refurbishing the main activity room, work to include insulation, new floor, replacement windows and decoration.

Phase 8 - Courtyard and External Space (Price to be scoped)

Bring the courtyard back to life, install drainage, replace missing setts and point all setts.

Phase 9 - Upstairs (Price to be scoped)

Insulate, paint and refresh upstairs

Phase X - Community Meeting Room 

Create a community meeting room in conjuction with Trafford Council. New windows, doors and complete internal fit out including disabled toilet.

 Longford Scouts is an active Scout Group based at the Ranche in Longford Park, Stretford in Manchester. We accept boys and girls between the ages of 4 and 18. We are a registered charity.