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Beaver News

Beaver News

We were hoping to do some fire lighting and bread toasting but the weather was against us. Monday’s Colony did get outside to collect wood and light small fires in barrels while Wednesday’s Colony stayed inside and lit candles instead. Everyone also took part in our termly Log Chew, where the Beavers tell us what they would like to do next term ahead of our Leader planning meeting. 
Congratulations to Kai and Stella who received their Chief Scout Bronze awards!

To count towards our Adventure and Outdoor Challenges, this week we are taking part in an obstacle course. There were 6 obstacles to overcome in small teams, including climbing, jumping and balancing. 

This week, we took advantage of the lovely weather and went for a walk around the park and local roads. While walking, we answered quiz questions about things we could see or read and we demonstrated our understanding of the green cross code by crossing Cromwell Road. 

This week we took to the paths of the park to demonstrate our cycling skills. Split into 3 groups, we went on a short ride, showed our control and manoeuvring skills on the slab, and learned how to pump up a tyre and why it’s important to wear a helmet. 

In recognition of Father’s Day and to contribute towards our Outdoor and Creative badges, this week we made and painted bird boxes. The wooden pre-cut pieces needed slotting together, something that some Beavers found tricky but all persevered. The painted finished products looked amazing and hopefully the local wildlife will be grateful! 

Over the course of a fortnight, everyone tried their hand at archery and had a go at learning 3 knots - reef knot, sheet bend and clove hitch. The archery was very exciting and some of us even managed to hit the targets! Knots were a bit tricky but were made more entertaining by the addition of knots with strawberry laces! 

Both Colonies met despite the bank holiday and completed 2 out of 4 activities needed for the Creative badge. Each Lodge put on a short performance of a well-known fable linked to the Beaver Promise. Everyone also had a go at ordering pictures of well known technology by age and then imagining what some of that technology might be like in 100 years time. 

For part of our Outdoor Challenge, we had to do something using natural materials so we went out into the park to collect small twigs, pine cones, leaves and grass. Some of us were a bit ambitious with the size of the sticks we wanted to collect (one was a branch that needed 2 Beavers to lift it…!)

Back at the Ranche, everyone had a small amount of clay to model an animal or character and used their collected natural materials (and a couple of googly eyes) to bring that animal to life! 

This week we got our creative juices flowing as we decorated biscuits using butter icing and coloured icing tubes. Biscuit decorating was one of the activities the Beavers told us they’d really enjoyed last term and wanted to do again.

While half the colony decorated, the other half had a go at Beetle Drive, rolling a dice to determine which part of the beetle to draw next. 

Over the course of a fortnight, everyone tried their hand at archery and tying 3 knots - reef knot, clove hitch and sheet bend. Archery was very exciting and some Beavers even managed to hit the target! Knots were a bit tricky but were lived up by the addition of strawberry laces!

 Longford Scouts is an active Scout Group based at the Ranche in Longford Park, Stretford in Manchester. We accept boys and girls between the ages of 4 and 18. We are a registered charity.