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Beaver News - 1st Stretford (Longford) Scout Group
Beaver News

Beaver News

Sunday, 14 November 2021 13:31


I know Halloween is past but with Half Term and the Group Firework Evening we did not have chance to commemorate Halloween which can be an excuse for a fun evening rather than a meeting to progress Badgework. This year we were a bit restricted because of Covid. We had our usual four bases which were:-

Doughnuts - these were suspended from strings attached to a rope strung across the Main Room. In Lodges a Beaver was allocated a doughnut and the had to eat it without using their hands.

Mummifying one of their Lodge using a roll of toilet paper.

Decorating a biscuit using icing sugar in a way suitable for Halloween

Colouring a Halloween picture 




Wednesday, 13 October 2021 12:15

Mon 11th October Design a machine

This week the Beavers played games and then they had to design a machine. It did not have to be a practical machine. They could let their imagination wander freely over any thing whether it be a machine to peel bananas to one to do your homework for you.

Thursday, 07 October 2021 16:16

4th /6th Oct Second week of the 4 activities

This was the second week when the Beavers had the chance to try the other 2 activities that they had not tried the week before. In this case a Beaver is on one face of the Bouldering wall.

Monday, 04 October 2021 13:56

27th & 29th Sept 4 Activities

This week was the first of 2 weeks when the Beavers are being offered 4 different activities. All of them are part of one or other of the Challenge Awards. Each pair of Lodges tackle 2 different activities each week and then during the following week they tackle the other two activities. In the picture the Beavers are learning how to tie 3 knots. The Beavers do not see tying a knot as very exciting but learning to tie knots is one of the basics of Scouting. You cannot construct anything from a bridge to a camp dresser unless you know how to tie knots. You cannot scale any height in abseiling without knowing how to secure yourself to a safety line in case you fall. Whilst the Beavers will not be going to such lengths yet we are trying to give them a base to build on as they progress through Scouting which we hope they will do.

Monday, 27 September 2021 14:47

Mon 20th & Wed 22nd Sept Bulb Planting

At the meetings this week the Beavers planted bulbs in the piece of ground near the front of The Ranche, planted bulbs in containers to take home, decorated biscuits and learnt how to light a candle and fold their neckers. These are all parts of the My Skills Challenge Award or My World Challenge Award.

Friday, 17 September 2021 10:28

Wed 15th Sept Football Themed Evening

Whilst the theme was the same the different leaders running the Meeting interpreted it differently. Whilst both Beaver Colonies coloured in their idea football kit the games played were different.

Friday, 17 September 2021 10:22

Mon 13th Sept

This week we had a Football themed meeting. The Beavers were told that they could come in their football kit instead of Beaver uniform, if they wished. The Beavers were given a footballer outline to colour in of their ideal football kit. They then played various football themed games. I think most of them had an enjoyable evening even if some were not so keen on football. At least the floor got a good clean. 

Monday, 13 September 2021 14:20

Games Night 6th & 8th Sept

Last week being the first set of Meetings after the summer break saw the usual programme of games and carrying out of a Fire Drill. We also welcomed 6 new Beavers on the Monday and 2 on the Wed. We were fortunate that the fine summer weather had continued so we were able to enjoy being able to play games outside on the newly cut grass. We hope the new Beavers will settle down and not find the new surrounding too off putting. Not all meetings will be full of games as some meetings will involve working towards Challenge Badges or Activity Badges. Sometimes we will be asking that parents get involved by verifying that their child has completed some aspect of badgework that is easier done at home that down at The Ranche.

Wednesday, 28 July 2021 14:29

19th & 21st JULY 2021

As the school's finish  for Summer, so we come to the end of another Beaver year.    We played some games and then had a Teddy Bear's picnic - with almost all of the Beavers bringing a soft toy with them.

This week we said good bye to William and Josie - we hope they enjoy going up into Cubs and stay with the Group for a long time,

 Longford Scouts is an active Scout Group based at the Ranche in Longford Park, Stretford in Manchester. We accept boys and girls between the ages of 6 and 18. We are a registered charity.