You must not attend face to face meetings if you or anybody in your household is self isolating or off school.

Monday, 26 April 2021 10:19

St George's Day Craft & Games

In the first week back to Face to Face Meetings the Beavers played games with a Lodge at a time being taken out to make finger puppets. Unfortunately each Lodge had insufficient time to colour in the puppet and cut it out in the time available. I hope that some at least completed them at home. The games played were those that the Beavers had said were their favourites at a recent Log Chew. The games were "Run or Catch" which depends on the Beavers ability to catch a soft ball whilst members of one Lodge are running round a circle. Then the old favourite of "Traffic Lights" where the Beavers run, walk or stop depending on the colour of the traffic light. Lastly "Corners" where the Beavers go to a corner, maintaining a 2 metre distance and hope that their corner is not the one chosen by a Leader. If so all in that corner are "rested" and so on until there is a winner.

 Longford Scouts is an active Scout Group based at the Ranche in Longford Park, Stretford in Manchester. We accept boys and girls between the ages of 6 and 18. We are a registered charity.