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Thursday, 25 June 2020 19:59

25 June - Digital Citizen

This week we worked on our digital citizen badge - this involved knowing about different parts of the computer and designing an advertisement poster for new leaders.

We had some creative posters - as you can see in the images section.

We finished off with a big quiz on internet security.

Thursday, 11 June 2020 19:37

11 June - Air Activities

This week we worked toward our Air Activities badge this involved designing our own planes, learning about Concorde and spitfire. We also made and flew our own paper aeroplanes at home.

To finish off the badge we had a real pilot attend the zoom meeting to talk to us about how they became a pilot, the training and what a normal day looks like - thanks Rachel!

Friday, 17 July 2020 17:24

Thursday 17 July - Games Night

For our last meeting before the summer we held a game night.

We started off with kim’s game where we had to guess which objects disappeared through a range of pictures.

We then moved onto an Egyptian themed escape room where we split into small groups and had to solve the clues  on screen. 

This was followed up by an interactive game of guess who with all the Scouts dressing up in fancy dress and took the places of the characters normally used in the game.

We finished off with an explosive game of battleships!

Thursday, 09 July 2020 20:38

2nd July - Crafts & Games

Another FANTASTIC Virtual Scouting evening took place tonight. This week we tackled the great prehistoric outdoors by creating toilet roll dinosaurs! With arguably success all round, we saw a huge range of shapes, sizes, and colours (who knew so many dinosaurs have spots)... After this, we took on a few more paper based building and craft challenges. We also played a number of group games to put the Scouts brains in gear, and build some competitive sprit. It may not be the great outdoors, but we still had an absolute blast!

Thursday, 09 July 2020 20:00

Thursday 9 July - The Great Zoom Bakeoff

This week on Thursday after high demand, we returned to some Zoom cooking and baking!

The Scouts were given the length of the meeting to either bake or cook something delicious. They even got people in their homes to be their 'Taste-Testers. Nerve-wracking stuff!

Highlights of the evening include some banana bread, cat shaped cookies, lemon drizzle cake and some sumptuous scones.

Thanks to everyone for your efforts.

A big well done!

Sunday, 07 June 2020 21:45

Thursday 4 June - Paper Challenges

This week at Scouts it was time to get Creative!

Before we headed into the main activities Oliver played the "Generation Game" with us and we had to try and remember over 25 products and points were achieved for each item remembered. He certainly had a curious collection including camping items and condiments.

We then started our main event which included completing the following challenge using only newspaper and tape: 

1. The Tallest Tower
2. The Longest bridge to hold your shoe (increasing weight)
3. Newspaper Shelters
3. Stepping through a postcard
5. Making a Fashion item

The Scouts were really a creative bunch and make some fantastic structures and clothing. This helped the Scouts work towards their skills and creative challenges.

The best part is the leaders didn't need to tidy up at the end (sorry parents for the mess!)

Sunday, 07 June 2020 21:04

Thursday 28 May - PE with Ratty

It seems that most of the nation has been doing PE with Joe. Well this week we decided to top that and did PE with Ratty.

We carried out a number of physical activities including a safe warm up, the tea-bag shot put, pencil javelin and star jumps.

Much like Joe, Ratty has an injured hand so our own Big Oliver had to take over and demonstrate pressups and planking.

We then moved onto doing some Zumba which Josh enjoyed very much.

Sarah from Cubs then joined and taught us some Yoga which helped us cool down and relax.

Finally we finished off with a Kahoot quiz to learn about the impacts of alochol, drugs, diet and lack of sleep.


A great an energetic evening - it's so tiring writing about everything we did!

Monday, 25 May 2020 17:00

Ready Steady Cook

This week on Thursday we were joined by two special guests - “Paul Hollywood” and “Marky Berry”.

The Scouts were set an hour to either bake or cook something.

We had some tasty dishes including focaccia, brownies, flapjack, Thai green curry, spaghetti bolognaise and much much more.

Well some to you all for your amazing efforts

Friday, 22 May 2020 10:54

Thursday 14 - "Escape the Zoom"

The main focus of tonight's meeting was to "Escape the Zoom" - this was a virtual escape room with a number of challenges for which the Scouts earned keys to "Escape the Zoom"


We headed into our breakout rooms and completed challenges including solving grid reference and answering a number of tricky riddles.

After we all successfully "escaped the Zoom" we regrouped together and held a patrol forum in which we provided feedback on our favourite activities on zoom, what we would like to do in the future on zoom and what we really want to do when Scouts returns!

Tuesday, 25 February 2020 08:16

Survival Skills!

Survival skills are essential for any Scout, knowing how to create fires, build shelters, and use tools such as axes and saws correctly are all important. Over the past three weeks our Scouts have been creating Rocket Stoves, otherwise known as Tin Can Stoves. Using a regular tin can, we used knives, and metal saws to create stoves which can be cooked on.
The Scouts created a series of holes in the cans to feed oxygen into the fire, alongside a larger hole allowing fuel (wood found on the ground) to be added. Using kindling from around the Scout hut alongside vaseline we managed to get nearly every single rocket stove lit. Once lit, cans are turned upside down keeping all the energy inside the can. These stoves get very hot as our flame heats up the metal can allowing the Scout to cook directly onto the recycled can!


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