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Tatton Camp

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What was expected to be a dreary, rain-soaked weekend turned into a sun-drenched adventure for the Longford Scouts and Explorers during their annual camping trip at Tatton Park. The mid-June campout, originally clouded by the forecast of persistent rain, saw clear skies and dry conditions that made for an unforgettable weekend.

Saturday was a highlight for the young adventurers, who took to the water with enthusiasm and vigor. The Scouts and Explorers spent the day earning their paddlesports and time on water badges, demonstrating impressive skills in a variety of aquatic activities.

For the Scouts, the day was filled with raft-building and kayaking. While some of the makeshift rafts displayed remarkable buoyancy and engineering, others provided a humorous spectacle as they disintegrated upon contact with the water. Nevertheless, the resilient Scouts took these challenges in stride, relishing the learning experience and the laughter that came with it.

Meanwhile, the Explorers honed their abilities in Canadian canoes and kayaks. Their day was marked by skillful paddling and teamwork, as they navigated the waters with growing confidence and proficiency.

The excitement on the water was complemented by a scenic hike to Knutsford. The picturesque journey led the young campers to a beloved local sweet shop, where they indulged in a variety of treats. The hike provided a perfect balance to the aquatic activities, offering time for camaraderie and exploration.

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