Scout News

Scout News

Monday, 25 November 2019 08:14

Ice Skating 21/11/2019

This Thursday the Scouts visited Planet Ice in Blackburn to Ice Skate.

The kids had a blast and after a few slips and stumbles found their feet and were whizzing round in no time!

Even the leaders had a go and were zooming around with the Scouts.

Everyone was suitably worn out afterwards!

Tuesday, 11 April 2017 20:23


When….the…sky hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that’s amore! We all know the song. Now our scouts know how to make a pizza pie, also known as pizza. As a part of their skills test, scouts learned how to fashion a pizza from the bottom up. Like Dr. Frankenstein let loose in a trattoria, scouts combined the raw ingredients for the pizza dough. If you’ve ever made pizza dough you will notice how it’s a task that seems like it’s the easiest thing in the world until your elbow deep in sticky matter and in need of assistance. They then smothered the rascal with any number of topping combinations to delight the senses and ready to bung in the oven for a delicious pizza supper. Thin & crispy base, deep pan and double decadence, none of which were on show, made way for classic pizza goodness straight from the old country which is a skill definitely worth learning.
Thursday, 06 April 2017 20:32

Bike Maintenance

As ever we’ve been busy, busy bees learning new skills. Over the past few weeks we have been focusing on bicycle maintenance. Scouts have been learning the ins and outs of how to look after their bikes. Do you know fork end from your dust cap? Do you even know what a derailleur is? Of course, you don’t. Neither do I, but I know some scouts that do or they do now anyway. Learning how to look after their bikes goes towards the scout’s skill challenge it is also practical for scouts to tackle any problems they might encounter when out and about on their bikes. Scouts also learn how to do all necessary safety checks on their bicycles to make sure it is safe and ready to ride. To paraphrase Sir Bradley Wiggins, “I think bikes are pretty good”. We couldn’t agree more Wiggo.
Tuesday, 28 February 2017 17:38

Climbing at The Depot: Manchester

As a part of the Scouts adventure challenge we’ve been on a little trip to The Depot Climbing Centre in Trafford Park for a spot of climbing and bouldering. What’s a “bouldering” I hear you say? “Bouldering is a style of climbing free from the use of ropes” say’s The Depot website. For those of you who don’t know, now you know. There is state of the art crash mats at the bottom of the wall just in case you decide to come back down with a bump. The Depot has the largest bouldering wall in Europe and is a fun way to build fitness as well as earn Scout badges and can be enjoyed by practically anyone so, y’know, give it a go. After a brief health & safety monologue, Scouts took to it like ducks to water and were clambering up and down walls like nobody’s biz. There’ll be plenty more high jinks coming up over the next few weeks, but until then have a good weekend.
Tuesday, 28 February 2017 16:25

Pancake Day!

Pancakes. Pancakes, pancakes……..PANCAKES! You’ll probably hear the word pancakes a lot today. So, I’ll start it off right here. The Scouts have been up to various capers, working towards their badges in recent weeks. Scouts working towards their local knowledge and sports enthusiast badges have also got to grips with learning some life skills. Possibly the most important life skill, and arguably the most underrated, is that of how to make a pancake. I’ve taken the liberty of adding a pancake recipe to this article. You’re welcome. Enjoy pancake day everyone. I’ll be back with more news from Scouts later in the week.
Thursday, 16 February 2017 14:26

Paradise Island Adventure Golf

The final challenge has had our Scouts shrieking Fore! Scout leaders led an expedition to Paradise Island Adventure Golf at the Trafford Centre for 18 holes of crazy golf. Crazy golf is a game of skill but is also, and more importantly, incredibly fun! Set across two themed courses, Scouts experienced the dizzying highs of a hole-in-one to the crippling disappointment that follows a golf ball that just won’t behave, taunting you with every miss hit and gleefully rolling in completely the wrong direction……. anyway…. There are more challenges planned for the next few weeks to contribute to the Scouts earning their badges and you’ll hear about it right here of course. Thanks for reading and we hope you all enjoy your weekend!
Thursday, 16 February 2017 12:11

Apprentice Challenge

Fancy a wee dram of Blank? Maybe a little Purple Power to take the edge off? Perhaps a can of Hyper-drive? What am I taking about? Well, to contribute to the Scouts Creative and Teamwork badges over the past few weeks the Scouts have been taking part in The Apprentice Challenge. After dividing into teams, each had to produce a new soft drink to avoid being fired. All aspects of the soft drink were looked at such as branding, poster design, even a TV or Radio advert script! Needless to say, all the Scouts were hired on this occasion so no need for the solemn trudge to sad café.
Thursday, 16 February 2017 10:11

Water Jug Challenge

YIPPEE-KI-YAY! The first of the skill challenges that the Scouts faced may be familiar to Die Hard fans. Scouts had to channel their inner John McClane and solve the water jug challenge. For those of you who aren’t acquainted with Die Hard the water jug challenge goes like this: There are two containers. One container holds 3 litres of water. The other holds 5 litres of water. The task to solve is how to measure out exactly 4 litres of water using only the two containers. If you haven’t seen Die Hard 3 then you might find it a bit tricky. Maybe try it at home and try not to google the answer!
Wednesday, 15 February 2017 16:54

Badges, Badges, Badges!

Don’t worry we’ve not forgotten about you, we’ve just been very busy here at Scouts for the past three weeks. To follow will be a trio of articles to give you all a head’s up on a what’s been going down around the Scout Hut. The Scouts have been engaged in a series of challenges, working towards earning their Local Knowledge, Physical Recreation and Sports Enthusiast badges. What are they when they’re at home? Well, I’ll tell ya. LOCAL KNOWLEDGE BADGE – One of the ways to earn this badge is for Scouts to learn where amenities and landmarks are within a designated radius. They must then be able to point out one of those locations and plot the quickest route there from home or Scout HQ. PHYSICAL RECREATION BADGE– Regularly taking part in any extracurricular sporting activity from football team to gymnastics is the way to earn this badge. You also need to show off a nifty bit of skill, explain the rules and give us the lowdown on equipment such as what you need, for example, football isn’t the same without a ball. SPORTS ENTHUSIAST BADGE – If you’ve a real passion for a sport this badge could be for you. To grip yourself this bad boy you’re going have to demonstrate the in’s and outs of your chosen sport such as the rules, related sports personalities, equipment and more. You can also get more than one of these. Look out tomorrow for more information on the challenges the Scouts have done to win their badges.
Saturday, 14 January 2017 12:28

Scouts Returns - Thursday 5th 2017

Following a well-deserved break for the holiday season, Thursday 5th 2017 saw the return of Scouts. Fun and games was the order of the day featuring all the classics such as gigantic Jenga blocks, snakes and ladders, dominos, draughts and chess. Scout leader Scully became the biggest surprise of the evening by sweeping all before him at chess like battlefield general incarnate. Is he THAT good at chess or was it all just bad luck that that conspired against his defeated foes? Either way, I think a rematch is the only way to settle it. 2017 has started out with great news already as we are pleased to announce Hannah Buckley has returned to Longford to help at Scouts. Welcome back Hannah! Glad to have you on board.

 Longford Scouts is an active Scout Group based at the Ranche in Longford Park, Stretford in Manchester. We accept boys and girls between the ages of 6 and 18. We are a registered charity.